Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Knowledge Increased: (Unedited): 30 July 2014:

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Daniel is instructed to conceal the words until the end of time.
By concealing secret words and possibly encoding the words within the whole Holy Bible. It may very be possible that the entire book is in fact an intellectual Hologram or holograph as taught to me by Steve Weyerts. 
This is from the New American Standard. I find this version more plausible then other versions. Because of the various ways in which people are using computers to decipher the various codes within the Holy Bible.

New American Standard Bible
"But as for you, Daniel, conceal these words and seal up the book until the end of time; many will go back and forth, and knowledge will increase."

Your warned. Any content that I share even write myself is to be prayed about, meditated upon and even fasted for. I'm not an educated writer and do do the best i can. Do your own research and if you find errors in my writings or the content just off. Bring your sources and I will make those changes quickly as I've done in the past.
I've written from time to time the apparent relationship of wisdom, knowledge and understanding has to each other. In order to have a balance in life you should equally pursue wisdom, knowledge and understanding in all that you chase after.
Just watching Steve Weyerts newest video as linked above. It hit me many new things like brand new puzzle pieces. Such as this Bible verse Daniel 12:4.

"Knowledge will grow"
"Knowledge will increase"
"Knowledge shall be manifold"
"Knowledge shall be multiplied"

In all of the interpretations. No where that i can remember if wisdom or understanding is increased. This new realization has just become troubling to me and now I understand why all of humanity will nearly becomes extinct. Except those remnant chosen saved By God.

The lack of information regarding wisdom and understanding is almost very telling as to why humanity is where it is today and where it will lead to.
A person, a society or even the whole planet cannot possibly be responsible for any increase of knowledge's without equal wisdom and understanding.
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