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Corporate Family: (Unedited): 26 July 2014:

The flaws of leadership and of management can be accounted by 4 perceptions. Remember it is the rare person who can be both a leader and a manager. It seems in this modern world no one really wants a leader. Because, a leader can break out of the box he/she was confined to by the rest of the officers or corporate officers. Either way a person who can do both lead and manage can and will profit you most in the long term. A leader/manager who is also personable and a teacher is a gift. Because, this very rare type of person will cause an effect upon everyone to work towards their goals from an outpouring of emotion.


A person, group or organization who become purely reactionary in how they manage and lead. may very be the ultimate in selfishness. Their intentions may very well be to pass the buck. Because, in the medium or long term. The consequences of any of their decisions will fall upon the person or persons who follow them. Pure reactionary decisions will gain you the most monies possible in your promised bonuses but at what long term cost? Loss of life? Loss of equipment and property? The negative things which may happen will fall upon others shoulders and the blame will be not placed upon this person(s). Assuming they ever even cared.

Being temporarily reactionary can be a good thing as the person or persons can effectively engage all unforeseen problems which may and will arise. A management/leadership team who also engages their employees or enlisted personnel for advice, input, insight and ideas. Brings all of the wholeness of gifts and talents to bear into hopefully all unforeseen situations.  This is team work. This is family in which everyone is supposed to have a say. This is the corporate home in which everyone is responsible for doing their part. Caring people is what makes an awesome home even if it is within the corporate structure, military structure or which ever organized structure.

Being forced into a reactionary situation will mean you have to mitigate the problem quickly. Then once the new threat is managed and dispersed.  You go into a proactive stance for a time. proactive is this sense means how to put into place those new policies which will prevent any other occurrences from happening again.


Corporate starvation
This is where all of the corporate officers and investors absolutely starve the corporation to near death. This is done by withholding the vast majority of funds for any kind of improvement and or maintenance.
Renegotiating worker benefit and pay packages to lower over all costs to the corporation while at the same time inform all of the employees just how much better the plans are. The corporate officers may even add new benefits which become better over the duration of employment. Then every few years renegotiate all of the benefits so that everyone must start back at day 1 with the new packages.
All the while the corporate officers base pay, benefits packages and bonus programs are all corporately classified. 
There can also be a cycle of where the stocks crest and then fall. The corporate officers can manipulate the stocks rise and fall so as to profit the most out of it. Sell when the planned stock prices are high and buy when the planned stock prices are at their lowest. Repeat the process over and over again. I've seen it being done in the trucking industry. Even though the process can take a couple of years between troughs. It's all how to see the patterns.
The worker turnover is also planned out. By promoting consistent worker turnover. You never have any long term benefit pay outs or retirement payments. Payroll always stay nearly the same. Pay raises never become so high that wages become a problem. By maintain employees at all levels for 4-6 years. Then push them out as in cause them to leave willingly and rehire that position at a lower starting wage.
The corporate officers who actively this form of corporate starvation has no emotional connection to the corporation and is doing what they are doing in order to make them their desired income potentials and windfalls. While at the same time ruining any opportunities for any worker to have any sort of future.
Usually the corporate officers who starve the corporation are also only managing in a reactionary style. It is all about the corporate officers, the investors and nothing else.
Just as in any war time situation. The captors nearly starve all of their enemies of war who have been captured. This is to prevent those in captivity to not have enough strength to make an escape and to protect their own soldiers from any kind of an attack.
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