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Freedoms Awareness: (Unedited): 01 Aug 2014:

Government Freedom:(Unedited): 03 Aug 2014: 
The absolute freedom of government is conditional upon the absolute enslavement of the entire population. 
So you think your state of life is defined as free, enslaved, imprisoned or controlled. Only one answer is incorrect and it is for the deceived. For Those who seek the truth of their own self defined state of life. One must understand all of the different ways any human being can be controlled. By knowing all of the ways you can be controlled. By knowing these ways from my incomplete list. You can then begin to make those necessary changes to achieve that which you desire to achieve. Hopefully you would choose righteousness and holiness or something which embraces genuine love, peace, harmony and life.
This list comes to you knowing that you the reader will become angered, ridicule my list, laugh at my ignorance, become troubled, become enlightened or a variety of ways. I only want to effect change in a positive way.


A healthy person can live without water for about 3 days under ideal conditions. If organized persons control the water source access they effectively control everyone who needs access to the clean water.  Thus if you want you and your family to access to the water, you must support the leaders.
In modern times the controlling authority can add chemicals to the water under the guise to keep the water clean and germ free or to enhance the teeth for the benefit of everyone. Fluoride is linked to mind control. 

 A healthy person can live for about 30 days under ideal conditions. Just like the water. Control can be influenced upon many. If you obey the will of the leaders then you and your family shall be fed. 
In modern times many chemical additives have been added to many foods. Genetic manipulation creates much more food quantity. I think it is too early to tell what can or will occur with these Genetically modified organisms. If foods can be genetically modified then the effects of the genetically modified foods can also be modified for specific purposes.
In each society, culture and nation. The mass educational systems which is under the controls of those leaders. Teach the young minds how and what to think as defined by the leaders.  Establish a faith and belief system in the government which controls everything. Those who control the education systems must control all aspects of knowledge gained while limiting all aspects of wisdom and understanding. A person who achieve to much of the fundamentals of education as well as wisdom and understanding. Becomes a free thinker. A free thinker cannot be controlled by any authority. A free logical thinker who embraces their complete education (Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding) with a high righteous moral code. Will know when those leaders are lying and deceiving everyone. When the numbers of free logical thinkers are great. Then a great change can occur. A great change for a pure form of freedom for everyone. 
Psychological  Effects

Political Thought

Religious Traditions

Social Etiquette

Family Customs

National Identity

Racial Purity

Responsible Living 

Mind Altering Substances
 It matters not the legality, the cultural acceptance or even the medical condition. Alcohol, tobacco, drugs and medications. If you are partaking any of these. You are not in your correct mind and thus can be easily controlled by those who want to be. Cigarettes lowers your stress level by causing you not to care as much, thus, begins chemical apathy. Alcohol frees you from responsible living or causes you to forget your woes for a little while. Drugs just offers you another false reality. In which you becoming willing to do anything to maintain it. Those persons who suffer from some kind of mental condition which is unprovable by any means. Probably should not be on any mind altering medication. But, because, a doctor prescribed it or them. They must be right-right? This is just the easy path to chemical control over you. You become chemically chained to the drug bottle and will never travel far from it or your one pharmacy. The chemical dependency is a physical control. Thus, the government which does nothing to impede these psychologists and psychiatrists from such gross conducts is in effect a preference from that government to allow chemical controls upon the population. All of the mind altering substances in the general population just frees the controlling government to do as they will when they will no matter if it is right or wrong. 
As a former truck driver. I had the ability to read, watch or listen to the local news all over the USA. In virtually every place all across this land. You can literally obtain any illegal drug and get it relatively quickly. The amount of illegal drugs in every town or city is astonishing. There is no way that grandma and grandpa is delivering those drugs out of their RV's. The quantity of drugs dictate professional delivery and transport. There must be federal government agreements and acceptance on the delivery of the drugs all over the USA. The federal government appeases the population with laws forbidding drugs. While the very same federal government allows deliveries. The states even give their own officers limited resources to interdict drug trafficking.  Which is just an enforcement of those dealers who have become out of control. I have no proof. This is just a realization of the logistics needed to deliver such vast quantities of drugs all across the USA. 
After, the Panama canal is fully opened. The amount of legal and lawful goods traveling across the USA will diminish. Thus, the amount of illegal drugs should become more easily visible. Enough that the over all percentage of drug carrying drugs will increase as the chances of local law enforcement agents ability to stop and inspect cargo for reasons of safety should go up. The local and state law enforcement agents should step up these kinds of safety inspections in the presence of drug dogs. But, I think the illegal drug manufacturers have defeated the drug dogs noses. 
Physical Controls.

In the early days of movie viewing. .03 seconds of Subliminal popcorn commercials and product placements increased sales by double digits. Today the effects of subliminal influencing of the mind seems to be everywhere if you know how to see it. This is just another real form of control of the masses. Do your own research into subliminal messaging, marketing and advertising. Then take it a step further into population control. WW2 Nazi Germany used media as a propaganda tool in order to control the masses. Apparently, Nazi Germany learned this from the USA. Now, we are 70 years later and we or they know so much more then was known back then on how the mind works.
The advent of digital media will usher in a great efficiency and effectiveness of subliminal controls. Just by what the individual person chooses to read, watch, listen to and do on any media outlet. Soon 4K televisions and common capable computers will be available also with increased bandwidth of internet delivery. Are you sure you really want any more technology. Maybe, your already tech zombie.
Pornography, gambling, sports, Mind altering substances, Lifestyle choices and more can be very addictive. Once addicted to that thing in which you do. That very same addiction you prefer begins to consume you. Nothing else is or becomes important. Not even family or friends. When your very own government is absent from the teaching of and about addictions. This absence of information is a preference for you to be under. Because, if you are addicted you are less likely to rebel and to take up arms against their planned evil deeds or less likely to vote on two people for an elected office, the greater evil or the lesser evil?

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