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Purity Blessing: (unedited): 07 July 2014:


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The blessings of purity seems to have become forgotten in this modern age. Even among the religious where freedom of will is superior to everything else. The absence of holiness within some religious sects is apparent and is in itself a part of Christian prophecy. A well known prophecy taught by these very same religious groups and yet they have become unaware of what they are doing. This is evidence of the judgement of reprobation and how it effects those followers. Here read these.

 I like prophecy dude. Easy access to source stories.

Pure love begins with a pure body, a pure mind and a pure spirit. Refusing to believe in modern day freedoms for living your life anyway you want to is very challenging. Can you imagine today's teenagers  not have any sex partners? Let alone just one sex partner? This is as far I'm gonna into any details in this matter.Because, if your not aware then your just not looking and listening to the teens.
Raising sons and daughters to be pure is more than a reasonable expectation. Having a son or daughter to become married without ever having been kissed is also a reasonable expectation. Once you have taught your own children the importance and values to bring into the family you are making. Those decisions just makes your marriage begin with cleanliness.
But, How if your like me who grew up without a standard or good family. How Do you teach your own children a sense of clean and purity in and within your relationship with that soon to be significant other? When you have lived contrary to what your are teaching. By teaching and revealing all of your failures, all of your deceptions and self lies. By telling those bad stories to your children and explaining how you do not want them to make those very same mistakes. By admitting how your were wrong in your actions and beliefs. Its very hard to acknowledge the truth and very easy to keep your sins secret. Even if during that part of your life you did not believe your evil doings were sins. The bad parts of your life once properly revealed at an age aware child. Can be very meaningful to that child.

Remember that old lesson. If your friend says it a good idea to jump off of the cliff. Is it really a good idea? No. OR, If that same friend says lets go drinking or smoke cigarettes or smoke some drugs? Is it really a good idea? NO. What are the lessons here? The hard truth your friend has chosen a life path which may not be your own and it is time for you to end the friendship. Or do you continue with the friendship and begin to use alcohol, cigarettes and drugs? Hard choices for many people. But, for someone who is raised with a correct belief system. They will choose that the friendship to end. Sad as they may be over the matter. Your personal purity is really that important. It can either be positively life changing or life maintaining.

Can you imagine to become married and never have been kissed or experienced any other form of intimacy with the person whom you not only love but like as well. A person whom you want to be with because you first became friends. You both grow from near total ignorance of intimate physical contact into something in which should become pleasurable for the both of you. There will be no memories on how your physical actions worked with person A, B, C or D and not worked with person E, F and G or the confusion with What worked with some doesn't work with your new spouse and what didn't work with some may work with your spouse. Is that really fair for your spouse? Is it fair to ask your spouse to do a thing because person A did it so well? or to bring up that person F was just like you? Memories is what you bring into your future. Do you really want to bring them into your future. So guard yourself against creating memories which will harm your spouse and your marriage. Even if you do not know the person who is to be your significant other as of yet.
I am proud to have my sons to declare they have never been kissed. They are 16-23 years of age. One of the Duggar daughters was just recently married and their claim was she experienced her first kiss on her wedding day. This is exactly how you begin a blessing of purity within a marriage.
I hope they continue their purity into their marriage vows.
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