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Corporate Slaves: (Unedited): 12 July 2014:

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Any corporate entity which creates policies to control what employees do on their own free time. Thinks of those employees as corporate slaves and not free persons. 
Any corporation should not at any time create policies which effect any controls on what a person does on their own free time and with the income the employee has rightfully earned from the corporation. Yet, today in the USA corporations are creating policies which impede on a persons freedom to do as they will when off duty from the corporation.
Salvation army
The act of enslavement occurs when an employee with any corporation is unable to take any necessary for fear of not being able to obtain gainful employment once an offending corporate policy is put into place.
Within your corporation if you have employees who do not want to be there because of the hostile work environment created by the corporate officers. Your corporation has some serious problems. It will not matter what management is put into place or team building training programs created to build pride and unity within all departments within the corporation. Fundamental and possibly corporate management change needs to be affected. Especially, when the common employees have the us versus them mentality.
It is the corporate officers and the management teams who create the training and teaching methodologies who raise up a highly professional and qualified  work force. It is this employee who becomes passionate and compassionate about their place within the corporation. Those highly motivated employees will want to be there more than just physically present. When that happens all aspects of the red marker just dries up while the black marker becomes used up. Do you get that? Red is bad and black is good.
What do you get in and on the sales workforce environment when you have common employees who have become entrapped and enslaved by life. Sales and thefts become inversely proportionate plot lines on any graph. Which means sales falls and thefts rise. All of this will be the absolute fault of the corporate officers who effect corporate policies which hinder employee growth and foster distrust.
When these things are apparent within the entire corporation. It is the corporate officers who need to be replaced with a new corporate team who encompass the realities of effective management, apparent leadership and compassionate teachers. This means all of the old corporate officers fired and replaced. I write this not knowing if that is even possible or even probable. Especially, in this environment of corporate greed and corporate officers becoming demigods over the lesser beings.
How is it that the work environment becomes so completely hostile to the common employee. That virtually no corporate officer is even aware of their actions. Unless, it is a part of the new corporate standards of employment duration. Meaning since 2008, No corporate is willing to pay out benefits, pay raises or rising insurance fees. So, how the corporations combat this is by creating a hostile work environment in order to rid themselves of any long term employee. Which may mean any employee who is employed longer than 3-6 years as defined each individual corporate entity.
On the front side of hiring any new employee. The corporation can offer all of the wage promises, outstanding benefits and good insurance it wants to proclaim. All with a sliding scale. Which means no one really obtains anything until after 6 or so plus years of continuous employment. But, by that time the employees will just move on to other employment opportunities and thus there will be no increase in wages, benefits or rising insurance fees.
Take for instance medical, vision and dental insurance. The longer you are in a dental and vision insurance program the more benefits the employee receives. So, to prevent this. Corporations can re-negotiate all of their insurance programs at regular intervals. Thus, causing all employees to start back at zero days. The bottom line is corporate savings while offering less insurance values to every employee.
As a manager at any level or even a corporate officer. How is it that you want to have any employee who is only with your company or corporation only because of the insurance or they are waiting to retire? Or worse they are dead enders and don't really care to go else where because then they will actually have to work.

If you have any employees who are only their only as a physical body. Then you the corporate officers are doing something wrong. Especially, if you are a NON-PROFIT doing great works within the community. That alone should raise the excitement with all of your employees. People doing good works tend to feel good about what they are doing. But, That is unless of course you have re-created the nonprofit into a profit machine only for us (Corporate officers) and everyone knows it. But, no one can really prove it because of corporate secrets.   

A dead ender is someone who does not care about anything except for their breaks and socializing while doing as little as possible with questionable quality. A dead ender is someone who is not actually in promoting the company or corporation in any way. A dead ender is someone who already is satisfied with not ever receiving any promotions and is actually not doing anything to receive a promotion. The dead ender will actually ridicule the employer for bypassing their promotions to other employees. Thus, demoralizing your entire work force. The dead ender only speaks with a negative forked tongue. Ridiculing everything including your positive team building exercises.
Have you ever noticed how Some corporate officers or mangers who have become so self centered in what they are doing that when an employee leaves for better employment. They are clearly upset and insulted. Even if that employee is currently making substantially below a living wage.

The good corporate officers and managers should celebrate their low waged employees leaving for better opportunities. Especially, if those corporate officers work for a non-profit corporation like Goodwill or The Salvation Army. As a matter of fact these non-profits should even go a step further by offering interview skills, business suits for men and professional attire for women when those sizes come in from donations. They should also offer additional skills training in a variety of areas. Free of charge because when your employees are making a little more than the minimum wage and have families. those employees are unable to financially afford to pay for formal educational training.
Some of your employees may even be learning disabled or must endure other forms of disability. It is essentially important that these non-profits do not have a certain percentage low wage employees working for them more than a few years. While other employees will not be able to ever work in the real business world and should be maintained. Though continuously trained and managed in a nurturing environment. Free of corporate accusations and corporate policy creation based from a fearful heart. Such as forbidding any employee from purchasing any products within any store at any time, or on any donated product greater than three days on the shelf.

The reason why it is important for these non-profits to move employees through established in house training programs is to clear a path for new persons to come into the non-profits, thus continuing the cycle of helping people.
For the corporate officers. You must maintain that the sense that your fundamental duties is to lift people up and to empower them to greater horizons. Your areas of focus should not be how to obtain more corporate bonuses for yourselves. Yes, you should grow the non-profit corporation in your area in order to help more people.

This is a type of policy based on fear and accusation. These types of policies below is more slave and discriminatory in nature than anything else. Because a slave cannot be seen or heard from. Remember those signs for coloreds coming off of those WW2 ships pointing them away from the dock side celebrations? How about those separate  water fountains for coloreds and whites? Coloreds must get their food from the back door.

Forbidding any store employee from purchasing any product from your non-profit thrift store(s). Even while off duty and with the rightfully earned monies from your non-profit corporation.

Forbidding any store employee from purchasing any product from your non-profit store(s) that is less than 3 days out on the sale floor. Even while off duty and with their rightfully earned monies from your non-profit corporation. 

It doesn't matter your rationale for creating and ordering these kinds of policies. IT IS WRONG. To just outright accuse all of your employees of theft without any real evidence is wrong.  If your employees are stealing. You fire them and then hire new ones. If your Corporate human resource persons are always hiring thieves then fire that person first before you fire anyone else.
You don't hear about this from those Walmart slave associates. They get a store discount on many products. The same with any other discount store.
McDonald's slave staff can eat food from their restaurants. The same with any other fast food chain.


Here on page 11. the purchasing policy is mentioned but not listed. If the employee wants to know more about the purchasing policy. They must go through the Human Resources department to gain the information.  The purchasing policy is classified and Goodwill doesn't want anyone to know what it is who are outside of the corporation. If this is so innocent why is it keep from the public domain? Goodwill corporate officers know they are in the wrong in this matter and are protecting their primary customer at the expense of their low waged employees.
Added on 19 July 2014:
Are Nonprofits really going to fire their low waged employees for Attempting to purchase work clothes from their own stores. Such as shoes, shirts and pants. When those items have been donated for use by those individuals who are in genuine need of those donated items. Isn't that the primary reason why any person donates item into any nonprofit. So, that their items can and will be used by those needy persons who need them. How much more needy can you get than an employee who is making the Minimum wage plus a few percentage points. An employee who may or may not have eaten anything while at work. An employee with holes in their work pants or tape on their shoes.
Where has the mercy and compassion gone from these nonprofits? Especially, those nonprofits who were originated from Christian moral beliefs. Apparently those Christian beliefs are disappearing.

Guess who those very same nonprofits are favoring in the name of business? It is not their employees or even those who donate goods. There is an active deception being committed by some non profits.

Would you be surprised if I revealed this information. You probably already know who the non profits favorite customer is? Do you know just how offensive and profitable these people are to these non-profits?
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