Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Animalistic De-evolution: (Unedited): 19 Aug 2014:

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Absolute apathy de-evolves your humanity down to it's most basic animalistic state. 
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How far can apathy take humanity to it's most basic mammal state of existence? To the point that you live like a pig, exist like a pig and become very pig like. Can you imagine humans becoming like this? Probably not, because an animal who is pig like is no longer a human being.

Cows, pigs, chickens and most other farm animals. Do not really care how and where they eat there basic foods or even how clean it is or if it is even dirty from being on the ground.
Animals do not really care if they walk in their own excrement all of the time.
This is exactly how far humanity can and will fall if the disease of apathy continues on within your own heart.  You become so uncaring that you will not even be aware that you have become a basic animal. Only wanting for food, water and fornication. To get whatever you can get is of the most supreme importance than anything else. Even if you can steal or murder and if you profit from it and you have deemed it right for you then it is right no matter what societal law says. This kind of flawed apathetic logic is becoming more pervasive in society.
Apathy makes you blind and deaf to anything of importance of what is happening in the world which surrounds you. To the point that you become reactionary. Animals are reactionary and do not plan for future emergencies. Such is what happens when any being who has been functioning higher than the basic animals as apathy invades the heart and mind. You de-evolve. You lose your higher state of being. You lose your civility. You lose the bonds of family. You lose your individual identity. Until, you become comparable to that of being just a smarter monkey. Even then, you lose wisdom, you lose understanding, you lose knowledge. Then with each generation of humanity. Their ability to effectively speak becomes diminished to the point when speech is no longer possible.
But, before humanity loses the ability of speech. They will lose their arts, their creativity, their culture, their modernism, their forward thinking.
This is what will happen if apathy pervades all of humanity.
This is the prophecy of apathy.
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