Monday, August 11, 2014

Prophetic Contamination: (Unedited): 11 Aug 2014:

The chains of news and other media binds the free mind and spirit into that which is designed for each individual to think about and to be concerned for.
Media of any sort. It matters not how the content is delivered or assimilated by the person. It all has the ability to contaminate the prophet, psychic, seer, remote viewer. With any kind of informational entanglement the mind becomes cluttered and thus the real probable information to be gleaned by extra ordinary reasoning's becomes muddled. Thus, is most likely the reason why there are no great prophets in this modern era. To much digital contamination, to much time not focusing on the prophetic arts.
It doesn't really matter which form of prophecy you use. If you are not in your secluded environment away from any sort of contamination via any media source. Your just not going to be accurate.
Other areas which will impede prophetic discovery of probable activities. Any lies and deceptions in your life. All sin even if you do not believe in the old religious traditions.
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