Sunday, August 10, 2014

Young Alcoholic: (Unedited): 10 Aug 2014:

The young person who is already excited about drinking alcohol is already an alcoholic without ever having had a drink. 
The signs for the parents are already present. The parents were most likely the teachers on how much fun drinking alcohol can be. While their child's excited public display of alcoholic beverages is just a mirrored reflection of your own preferences.
The young persons future is already becoming set in hardening quicksand and the young ones thinks it's cool, fun and exciting.
It doesn't matter the legality, medical usage, cultural acceptance or even social traditions. Any mind altering substances ingested, injected and inhaled is not a healthy practice for anyone for any reason, not even once. This includes smoking cigarettes, medications and of course illegal drugs. They lead to addictions which is the very least of the problems associated with any mind altering substances. Can you fathom this fact, the addiction is the least of the problems associated with and mind altering substances. The mind altering substances can lead to death and murder. The mind altering substances can lead to illnesses and diseases. The mind altering substances can lead to a loss of control and loss of soul via outside demonic influences. Which have taken over the hosts body because of their now weakened energy fields known as auras,
A demonic spirit can take over your body. A demonic spirit can even take over the body of your unborn child all because you used or was prescribed a mind altering substance while pregnant. 
Have you ever seen a child who had a demonic spirit within. Their outbursts of animalistic behaviors and then the parents see their child within. Over time, the child will be lost. Confined in a prison within a prison, within a prison. depending on how many demons are within the childs host body. The suffering of the parents will be obvious. The accidents to the other children and animals will also become historical evidence.
Yes, I added this and it doesn't really matter if you believe this demonic stuff or not. It still happens and will become more prevalent as humanity gets closer to their own extinction by their own trigger finger. This is prophecy not of me. Hell on Earth is to come.
If humanity does not love one another by their own free choice.
If humanity does not live in peace with one another by their own free choice.
If humanity does not exist in harmony with all things by their own free choice.
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