Friday, August 8, 2014

Residual Beauty: Ugliness Kills: (unedited): 08 Aug 2014:

The residual beauty of any person can be seen in the wrongful historical decisions of their lives. 
 Ugliness in any form kills all that which is beautiful. C.J.MacKechnie
Life can be very difficult and can become nearly unbearable with the wrong life choices made in your history.  Such as being very intelligent and not becoming educated. Falling victim to social and cultural lies and deceptions. Having a history of drug, tobacco and alcohol use all of which can lead to other problems in later life. Later life meaning anywhere from a few years to a few decades.
The residual beauty of any person can be seen as a shell of their former selves. The ugliness of their chosen life becomes the disease of their current ugly state.
If you only see the physical oldness, the scars of old accidents and/or the effects of medical conditions. Then it is you who are blind and cannot see the truth of real things.
This is the same as the incredibility beautiful person of their physical form will see the aging of their body as something which needs to be affected with many diets, pills and surgeries. The effects may be delayed but age continues its march forward until death comes. Physical beauty only lasts a short while.
True and real beauty becomes ageless when the human being operates their life from a spirit centered mindset. This is truth. Remaining natural and maintaining all of your perceived choices in life as naturally based. Even those choices which seem like freedoms and fun. Made out to be right for you. A wrong, a sin, a misdeed, unrighteousness all defined by the old Holy texts is and will still be valid, no matter how modern any society becomes. Any society no matter what level they have attained which embraces the lies and deceptions, which is deemed rightful and lawful and yet contradicts the ancient Holy texts is on it's way to extinction. Ugliness in any form kills all that which is beautiful
I've seen and witnessed great beauty within people who are physically deformed and physically weakened through the effects of medical ailments and accidents. These people tend to be just amazing and incredible. If you are able to see their true nature. A persons true nature is never of the physicality of this life. True beauty is always expressed from the spirit into the mind and throughout the power points of the physical human form.
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