Thursday, August 7, 2014

Victim Self: (Unedited): 07 Aug 2014:

You will become your own self created victim. When you wrongly believe you are capable of doing so many great things and choose to do nothing. 
It doesn't really matter what you believe you think you can do. It only matters what you actively manifest into this realty of real matter. If you actually do nothing, then you create nothing. It doesn't matter how much ego, pride and self enjoyment you mentally create on how great your deeds could have been.
Having Nothing: 07 Aug 2014: (Unedited): 
Doing nothing means having done nothing. 
For most people who have minimal financial wealth or no real financial wealth. They each must endeavor through the whole process of wealth creation. Which includes creating and building their solid foundation. Any personal wealth foundation must begin with a complete and through educational building. Which includes the basics of critical thinking. Critical thinking is best made with the learning of mathematical principles. Achieving a high level of communications with your primary language, the language of business and the learning the language of your primary business partners.
The educational process is the chemical component which combines all other aspects of your success. The educational process is now never ending. 
Stopping your education life because you have achieved your self defined minimum standard. Means you will minimally achieve at a minimal rate. The statement "Minimal or Minimum Standard Achieved" should be an offensive phrase to you.
So Do.
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