Saturday, September 27, 2014

Dream: 27 Sept 2014: (Unedited):

In a dream last night. I or another person was watching a commercial building. Which had people watching it. Their own security personnel. I or he saw a person of interest and then gained entry. What was inside was amazing. They had food stands set up from inside of rooms and in larger areas in the hallways. I went into a door to a room. There were many people within and they had a door guard. I asked about the certain person and was directed down the hall. People were everywhere all partaking of the local economy. I saw pizza and all sorts of other foods. I looked into an open room and they were selling books and furniture from within. They had a guard as well. I continued down the hall and began to notice that everything was getting more quiet. I opened the door and saw a man playing an electronic game. The person I was searching for was gone and so to all of the other people who were conducting their business. End of dream.
Apparently the person or I in the dream was a threat and the kind of threat which should not be confronted. Since I am not a threatening person. It may not have been me. Those people who were within the commercial structure apparently had a silent communication system and was able to silently leave or hide.
The commercial structure may have been an abandoned school, hospital or other such buildings. Which has a lot of rooms and central larger rooms. Today, no one uses government buildings for business. So, this must be a possible future event.
This may be related to an end of times event in which humanity within the USA attempts to make a restart. While in the presence of hostile threats. However those hostiles are identified. Maybe, a black market economy. Maybe, that is why there were so many guards around. In every door way and on the perimeter of the building. Yet, at the same time. When the word of a threat is around. Everyone knows exactly what to do and silently departs or hides.
The inside of the building seemed lighted or illuminated in some way. They had to cook all of their food stuffs and play a video game. 

This may be of a future time and event.
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