Saturday, September 27, 2014

Wisdom Shower: (Unedited): 27 Sept 2014:

A cool clean feeling spiritual shower is when you take in wisdom which has a direct impact upon your life as it is right now and then mentally decide to effect change based on your understanding.  
 Here I sit doing other things and thinking other thoughts. Then the gentle rain of words begin to fall into my brain. Attached along with it understanding of the words which feels like those in between spaces of the rain drops. Those places where the cool air falls and the warm air rises. Can you feel it as I can.
Personal info.
Sometimes I wonder if the reason why I like coolers so much is the temperature is constant and thus the temperature are of similar well temperatures. Wearing cooler clothes tends to block all of the wind across my skin. Which can drive me insane at times. Because, unlike you who feels a single source of wind across all of your skin at once. I feel a single source of wind across every single nerve ending and hair follicle at once. To me the wind doesn't feel like one wind but rather hundreds of thousands of winds. That is how I feel all of the time. So in the cooler for me can be relaxing and calming. Except while in the cooler. I must be productive and exacting in the placement of product.
To medicate is to take away the rain. To take away the whole me.

The word medicate is also alcohol, tobacco and any other mind altering substance. 

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