Monday, September 29, 2014

Prophets Prophetesses: (Unedited): 29 Sept 2014:

Yee, Prophets of the world and for the world. The time has come when all of those dire events planned and created by all of your leaders. You cannot see them because a hundred hundred things must happen simultaneously.
This is why you cannot see the single events. Because, they are all confused one upon another in a single moment in time. It would be like trying to watch all of your HD Cable T.V. Channels all at once.

Every person has the ability to be a prophet or a prophetess. Do not begin with trying to see the end of the whole world. Because, the whole of the world is full of billions and billions of minds, of choices and intentional actions. Which of the all has there own individual impacts locally which translates into the global.
Begin, first with your own life and the future of it. Then  graduate to those whom you have close and mutual relationships with. Then again graduate to predicting your locale. Then to your state, your region and etc.
Those gifted persons who begin this journey of becoming a genuine prophet or prophetess within your own locale. Then through networking together can you each then create a patchwork of prophecy
Always, remember the other side of the prophecy coin, which is the mentor side. Mentoring must be applied when the listener is actively engaged in fundamental change of their own beings direction.
Always, remember it should be desirable for you to want any bad and sad prophecy to be false. In which it becomes false when you apply your directional words of mentoring. The words of the mentor are those necessary things which need to be spoken to the person who has already ceased in their wrong direction. The words of prophecy needs to stop a person by their own understanding and choice. While the mentoring words give the new more positive direction in which motion can be applied by the person of their own free will.
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