Thursday, October 2, 2014

World Made: Peaceful Revenge: Beautiful Vacations: Beautiful Creation: (Unedited):01 Oct 2014:

A beautiful world is made ugly by your obscene thoughts and actions. 
First you must ask yourself what does make a beautiful world? Love, Peace, Harmony and Life. You cannot just kill life because you perceive it as an accident or inconvenient. This is ugly and evil.
You cannot have peace without love, without harmony and without life. Though those who are the most evil will surely live in peace while hating you and killing you. If you kill all of your enemies. Then peace will result. This kind of thinking is very sick and very twisted. Yet, billions of people believe this lie and deception.
Those who create conflict, battles and wars are against peace. You cannot have peace by eliminating your enemies capability to make war. All you have done is delayed the next series of battles and conflicts. The same goes with peace treaties. If you still hate them or they still hate you. Then there is only peace via convenience and war will  begin again when another leader is raised up who believes they can defeat you.

Peaceful Revenge: (Unedited): 02 Oct 2014:
Those who seek revenge may appear to be at peace before they take those actions based on their detailed plans.

Love is the most important emotional outpouring of the soul who is at genuine peace, who lives in real harmony and who celebrates all life. Without love you must journey into other peoples worlds to experience their beauty. Without love you must journey into other lands on vacations to witness their beauty. Without love your own world as you perceive it is grey and black.

 Beautiful Vacations: (Unedited): 02 Oct 2014:
By going on these vacations to those beautiful places. Search not for their beauty but rather seek for the love which resulted in their beauty.

Beautiful Creation: (Unedited): 01 Oct 2014:
Even though your world is lesser than all of the other heavens created by God. It is still very beautiful. 
 The perceptions of your own mind can deceive you. Such as people from somewhere else may come to your locality to experience it's defined natural beauties or architectural wonders. They may even see and experience all of the love which surrounds those very same things which are truly beautiful. You can reside in close proximity to pristine beaches and yet see no beauty anywhere. It is not that where you reside is not beautiful. It is the absence of love within your own heart. Without love. A sunset or sunrise is just another event which either ends a miserable day or begins one. Without love the sunrises and sunsets all become one and the same. If you have seen one then you have seen them all. I tell you the truth, with love in your own heart every sunrise becomes a joy as a new beginning of beautiful expression happens. Every sunset becomes those moments of expressing loving gratitude. Every sunset and sunrise is different. I have seen them all over this land and they are all beautifully different. So if the sunrises and sunsets are all beautifully different. Then what makes them ugly or unimportant? The answer is "YOU". It is you and your own false perceptions of the world in which you reside in. That makes them ugly.

There you have them. Four for the price of one. Have a good and beautiful day everyone. 
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