Friday, October 3, 2014

Exact Future: (Unedited): 03 Oct 2014:

The probable future events of tomorrow will most likely be exacting in their timely occurrence.   
 No matter you do or what you do not do. The probable future will automatically react to your actions or inaction's. Even that which you think about. The probable future will also react to each individual thought you have. So if you and everyone thinks negatively. Then the world automatically becomes negatively created. So if you internally hate. The world becomes hateful. So if you are internally angered. Then the world becomes angry.

So do you want a better world? A world free of bad and sad prophecies? A world where a mentors words of profound positive direction is looked for and heeded?
Then begin by thinking about loving one another.
Then thinking about living in peace.
Then think about existing in harmony.
Then after you think it. Believe it and take actions upon that which you believe in. 
Then maybe we can save ourselves from extinction.
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