Sunday, November 23, 2014

Defiled Leader's: (Unedited): 19 Nov 2014:

The leader's who defiles all of those whom he/she leads. Destroys and murders all they are responsible for.
Those leaders who are in the knowing of the true nature of things and yet still defiles their position, their office, their responsibility and their people. Will destroy all of them who are under their thumb/rule.
In an instant moment of time. All of those freedoms and opportunities in which every person in the world has known of. Will be gone. It matters not who is guilty or innocent. It matters not who is righteous or evil. All will be equally gone for everyone.
Why would this happen?
The evil people become active.
The righteous people become inactive.
Laws are changed/amended or added in order to give more rights and protections to the evil ones while forsaking the righteous.
This is a prophecy for anyone, anywhere and anytime. 
In just a little while the portions of the book of Daniel will be in play for the USA.
There will be no revival.
Only the loss of all. 
To stop the coming ending of the USA the righteous must exert their will over the evil which is defiling their entire country. This is mandatory and urgent.  Need to act now and continuously.
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