Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sin Bred: (Unedited): 19 Nov 2014:

The fall and destruction of any family is bred in sin. 
This is a truth and it matters not what you believe in. If you have a family and one person commits a sin against the family. The family can come to ruination? If either the husband or wife goes out and commits adultery. Isn't the other faithful spouse not deeply saddened and hurt? Do not the children become hateful and angry? These are natural responses and does not matter if the family is religious in any way.
Just from that one act of sin. The children can become so deeply affected that they choose to never get married, choose a gay/Lesbian lifestyle or just never have children or just not accept the children they create. Some adult children of sin go on to have many babies by many different people. Some adult children go on to have several spouses. Even to the point that a marriage vow/promise is just meaningless. Then so to any other vow or promise ever made.

This is not just about the sin of adultery.  It is about all sin. Sin of any kind destroys the true freedom to live a life with meaning and righteous purpose. If you are a parent and your sin is easily seen by your own children and other family members. Then just by your own actions have given them all permission to do as you. It doesn't really matter what you say about the evils of your sin. Only your actions have weight.
Keeping your sins secret will not work either. If if no other human being knows. Your genetic memory will be passed down to your children in the form of genetic curses. No one likes to talk about this as it works the same way as a child who is born from musically gifted parents. The likelihood of the musical gift being passed down is probable. As with any other gift. All that you do as a parent is passed down to your children genetically. All of the good, the bad and the ugly. As well as all of your mistakes in those moments of weakness. Which can destroy your family before it is even born.
Again, It doesn't matter what you or I believe. The results of any of your sins becomes the logical consequences of those sins. Sin promotes death, disease and depression. This is all very logical. Where as righteous living promotes on going life, love and living.
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