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Leonard Nimoy Respect LLAP: (Unedited): 20 Nov 2014:

I just awoke from a dream of Leonard Nimoy's passing. Of course all I saw was a physical newspaper article that states. "Spock dies or Spock is dead". The iconic actor will most likely be remembered for his Star Trek Portrayal of his legendary character Spock.
This is meant with respect and honor. Mr. Nimoy is my favorite Star Trek related actor's. 
Lenard Nimoy is sick with COPD
There is a rumor. That Mr. Nimoy has passed away yesterday 19 Nov 2014. There is zero news about that. The name Lenard Nimoy isn't even trending on twitter. Idiots.
There is a rumor of he and his partner have split up. There is only one story from an observation of Mr. Nimoy walking alone on his driveway. Sounds like one of those stupid stories.

On 17 Nov 2014: The Nimoy Foundation Junior Board Gives a grant to a foster family and adoption agency. That's cool. I'm a former foster kid twice from two different states and I was adopted.
LLAP= Live Long And Prosper.
With respect and honor. I hope Mr. Nimoy's passing is/will be peaceful and surrounded by family members.
I do hope that Mr. Nimoy and the rest of his family and close friends say to one another all of those important things which should be spoken before Mr. Nemoy does pass into that greater and better spiritual life in which we know not of.
Living Funeral's
are For Everyone

What I call the living funeral is so much more important than the after death funerals.
A living funeral is your last opportunity for you to have that last moment with your loved ones and close friends. This is where you apologize and forgive in a most gentle of ways. This is where you express your appreciation and deep felt "logic" for the one who is about to pass.
In those moments you can express those happy and funny memories/stories so that the elder one can pass with a smile. Express much gratitude.
The living funeral is also for the one who is about to pass. This is your last opportunity for you to ease the minds of those who shall remain. By your own forgiveness and apologies. After all wouldn't be nice to leave this physical world to those who may feel bad and sad at your attitudes for them? Tell funny stories and express funny memories. Especially those things with deep meaning and wisdom. Express your hopes and dreams for those who shall remain. Give permission to those to follow their own dreams and make it a gentle expectation.  Express all manor of love and peace. To do so would mean you shall have a good passing and that those who experience your passing. They shall not be so sad for long. They shall have joy at knowing you and keep those good memories of you in the forefront. Express much gratitude.
Once the passing process is complete. You shall become more a live then you ever were and it can be wonderful.

For those who are suffering from those age related diseases of the mind. The living funeral takes place before the progression of those diseases robs your loved ones or friends ability to understand anything or to even recognize anyone.  So, this living funeral should take place at the or near the time of diagnosis. With respect and honor. You must be delicate. But, for you to say those important things with deep and profound meaning may very well be crucial to decrease the time of your loved ones suffering.
Some people are so spiritually and mentally stubborn. That virtually no disease or even it's progression can limit their stubbornness. Really, People will actually force themselves to live. Until that long lost loved one has arrived at their bedside for that one last moment. For compassion's sake. Soften your heart and make that visit while your loved one is still coherent enough to make a reasonable agreement of forgiveness or apology or even to express their love to you one last time. You should also express your own forgiveness, apology and love as well.
But, this is not only about yours or theirs misdeed. This is also about celebration of a life lived. So celebrate with memories retelling.
If I'm repeating myself. It is because this is important.
I do hope that all of the media outlets as well as bloggers everywhere. Have and give respect and honor. You have mine.
If you or your group is a fan to Mr. Lenard Nimoy. Then I would highly suggest that you begin to celebrate/award Mr. Nimoy's legacy while he is still living. 
Do you have that important memory of how Mr. Nimoy has done in some unknown way which has changed your life for the better. No matter how goofy or silly you think it is. I invite you to only send your wonderful stories to the official website of Mr. Lenard Nimoy.
Oh yea, Don't go to his house or make any kind of unsolicited personal contact. That's just weird if not a little wacked, psycho, loco, crazy, insane. If you do, I really hope some cop lays those all important knots of logical understanding across your illogical forehead.
Star Trek
I'm A fan and I married a Vulcan. Yea, I'm Klingon. LLAP sir.
Added on 27 Feb 2015: Mr. Nimoy passes away today
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