Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Average Problem: (Unedited): 09 Dec 2014:

Not being normal is only a problem for those who want to be average and are not.
So why are you always so stressed out about being normal or average? You are a very unique human being with your own very specific skill sets.
It is factually true that we all share more than 99% of all of our genetic code. Those are some really BIG numbers which basically say we are all very similar to one another and are of the same family relation. Yet that really mind blowing small number which is far less than 1 percent is still an incredibly huge number. This is where your difference and uniqueness resides. This is where you declare your identity of self. This is where all of you happens and is made real.
So do not become jealous or worried about being like others and do not cause others to be who you are. Always empower others to be themselves and being yourself is way kewl.
Being yourself does take some effort and some inner contemplation. Especially after you have already spent much time trying to be like everyone else and acting like everyone else. Only to discover that you cannot be and are not like them. Of course not you are you and you are not them.
If you have come to that realization then it is a good one. Because, now you can focus upon who you truly are. Your unique life now becomes your specific journey and not the journey of all of the rest of the average cattle.
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