Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Wonder Mind: (Unedited): 30 Dec 2014:

The wonder of belief of truth opens the mind to everything. While the mind of disbelief in a truth is relegated to animalistic behaviors. 
 To believe in something does not close the mind. To believe in a divine truth is not only liberating but expands the whole of your entire being. Where as to believe in a lie as a truth. Will always limit and stop you from any kind of real evolution or growth of being. There is much more to all of humanity than the physical body and the physical awareness of our physically limited brains.
The concepts of any truth always begin as a thought within our own conscious awareness. From there we think about this new conceptualized thought. We ascertain through reasonable deduction if it is valid or a falsehood. Then we actively can choose to build upon the new concepts regardless if it is true or false. 

An absolute truth mixed with small falsehoods. Creates a power base of authority over those considered lower human beings which believe and follow. Thus, is how religions begin and grow. 

Such is the concept to "Love". "love one another". But only if they look like us and are not defined enemies by our government or religious group. At which point it is OK to hate, to war, to kill, to destroy. Why are there any claimed Christian in military service of any country?

Such is the concept of "Peace". To be peaceful within ones self and to be peaceful with others around you.
But only if they look like us and are not defined enemies by our government or religious group. At which point it is OK to hate, to war, to kill, to destroy. Why are Islamic Muslims active in conflict/war. Where ever they may be.

Such as the concept of "Harmony". Create and grow a harmonious relationship with everything which surrounds you. But, only if it doesn't get in the way of your human expansion. But only if they look like us and are not defined enemies by our government. At which point is it OK to hate, to war, to kill, to destroy. Yet in the eastern religions. There is much chaos in their lives.


Such as the concept of "Life". The sanctity of life. The respect and protection of all life. Well so as long as it is not inconvenient. Then abortion is OK and has been deemed a fundamental right choice. The female form designed to grow life naturally. Now has the artificial power to kill life within her womb by her free choice. Which is lawful. The elderly sick who are beyond usefulness to the community, it is OK to euthanize.

Can you not see that all of humanity is being played against itself. By those who only want for themselves and who are under the control of those fallen ones.  The end result after all of the variables have been assigned. The final right answer is extinction. Which will be realized in time.
There is most certainly powers which are much more greater than us human beings. Many of these greater beings do not want us to evolve in any way. As a matter of fact, they want us extinct. But, there are powers and principalities which are even far superior than they. Who protects humanity in the hopes that we all will over come this evil which is amongst us. It is those evil fallen ones who teach us lies and deceptions that they have given to us as truths. So that we all falter and fail collectively. So that even the superior beings who are truly greater than the evil amongst us. Will be forced to destroy us all if we do not destroy ourselves first. It is basically a lose - lose situation for humanity. The truly superior beings have brought to humanity those philosophies which would guarantee our human survival into the next evolutionary stage. These philosophies are Love, Peace, Harmony and Life. Four very basic words in which logically are absolutes in survival in any species who do evolve to the point of understanding those four words. But those fallen ones who only want our destruction by any means available. They have their own four powerful words in which any integration of those four words into the divine four words. Destroys the over all outcome. These very powerfully evil four words are hate, war/conflict, chaos and death. When we as human beings begin to believe that it is OK to live by those four evil words by any small degree. Then our eventual destruction becomes assured in the long term. If we begin to freely choose to live our lives by those four evil words by a greater degree. Then our eventual destruction by our own hands will be known in the short term.

It is crucially important that we each test all new information presented to us all as well as test those old belief systems for actual truth. Such as the lie of the many races of color amongst humanity. The essential truth is there is only one race of human beings. Skin coloring does not mean you are of a different race or even species of humanity. Neither does the shape of your eyes, nose or cheek bones.
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