Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hypersonic Shotshell Missile: (Unedited): 31 Dec 2014:

Today, I had a vision of a new design of anti-ship hypersonic cruise missile. This is what I saw. I am not a naval person. So forgive the absence of proper nautical terminology.
1). I saw a beautifully clear day looking down upon the ocean. I can see a variety of ships, ships of war. A number of small ships in close proximity to a large aircraft carrier. I can see long endless wakes behind every ship. All traveling in their one direction. Then my view became high and to the rear of the great aircraft carrier (Ford). This became my solitary focus. Suddenly comes the unseen missile. It impacts the upper rear deck with a hole. Towards the front of the ship below the water line. You can visibly see the exit energy of the missile. Then follows great explosions. Vision ends.
2). Next vision is of the missile itself. a simplified pictorial diagram. The leading of the middle. Contains the tungsten sabot penetrator. Just behind the Tungsten sabot is an inverted spiraling flower. Tucked away inside of the spiraling flower is ?5? ?Tungsten? balls. Just behind the inverted spiraling flower is the meager warhead of fire.
3). An explanation of how it works. Upon impact. The sabot loses enough energy to forcibly expel the tungsten balls at damaging velocities. The inverted spiraling flower only needs to be strong enough and last long enough to guide the tungsten balls in an outward direction. The warhead detonates it's firestorm. The sabot penetrator travels the length of the ship in a downward sloping fashion. Then releasing the rest of it's energy into the bow or spine/keel of the ship. 
4). With all of the defenses within an entire aircraft carrier battle group. They could not defend against this new threat of hypersonic cruise missile. The Phalanx CIWS was not capable to mechanically track the incoming missile. Even though all of the radar systems available could easily see it coming. Everything worked as they were meant to work. They just were not designed for hypersonic threats. Even though the salesmen engineers proclaim they can. The loss of the Ford was not seen by me in any of today's visions.
I saw other hypersonic missiles. The ones where the Phalanx had to transverse in order to track and target the missile. It was not capable. Where the hypersonic missile was coming directly at the phalanx system. It could defend itself with ?success?. It's all a matter of time.
I have written previously and without knowledge of these visions. A pair of phalanx CIWS systems should be placed fore and aft of all aircraft carriers, under the flight deck. In between the two Phalanx should also be a LaWS laser. All of it integrated into the Aegis combat type systems. This should be done now.
The Phalanx CIWS system needs mechanically re-designed, Software upgrades to handle hypersonic craft and in multiples. A selectable and or threat assigned delayed of one second bursts. So that the radar can quickly ascertain target destruction. This will save ammunition. Especially when there are over whelming targets. China Tactic.
When a new transverse mechanism is re-engineered for the Phalanx CIWS. The gun barrels will need to be re-enforced. The sudden stops will cause misalignment's. Other internal points will need to be hardened as well. Minor stuff. But, not minor if they fail.

All of these terms are related to each other in theoretical design
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