Thursday, January 1, 2015

Peace 2015: New Year Everyday: (Unedited): 01 Jan 2015:

Most people who want peace in/for the world. Never seem to internalize peace within themselves first.
New Year Everyday: (Unedited): 01 Jan 2015:
Do not degrade yourself and do not get caught up in making promises to improve yourself only once a year. Which usually ends in the next days hangover. Your new year begins everyday of your life. Your new year begins when you strive for positive growth. Your new year begins when you cease any bad habit. Your new year begins when you have had enough of any bad and sad in your life. Your new year begins when you walk into the future by efforting in the present.

 Are you in any way engaged in violent conflict anywhere in the world? Just lay down your weapons and go home. Kiss your wife and hug your children. Know that the love for each of them can be translated in those who are defined to be your enemy by those who are in authority. I tell you the truth. The GOD of your understanding who has dictated love, peace, harmony and life to your people. Means for you to be
Happy New Year. Do not allow your morning hang over become forgotten promises of fundamental positive change in your life. To change the world. You must first change yourself.
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