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Missing China: (Unedited): 02 Jan 2014:

Happy New Year everyone. This will be a temporary blog.

I find it very interesting how the whole world can freely read anything on line. Anything you desire to search for you can find.
I want to thank everyone who has read my writings. Thank You for putting up with my poor writing style and all of my errors. I do the best I can and move forward. I really hope you the reader gets my point in a positive light. That is my sole intention. To be positive.
Here are the current country lists of people who read my quotes. It is about 17 Countries. As of about a week ago or so ago. I lost one entire country. It is China. The readership ship in China has fallen down to number 7 on my list of Countries who read the most quotes. There are also a number of readers whom I cannot track. But, I can still see you. LOL. The LOL is meant as humor and nothing more.  I want to thank you to. I do get excited about which countries are reading my quotes. It's just soo cool.

1) USA
2) Russia
3) Germany
4) Ukraine
5) France
6)  Malaysia
7) China
8) Latvia
9) United Kingdom
10) Poland
11) Canada
12) Philippines
13) Tailand
14) Taiwan
15) Australia
16) India
17) Netherlands
==== I may or may not ever write about what is in my mind.===
============== Below here===================
I pray and meditate all of the time. At work, walking, showering, bathing and writing.
What is on my mind right now.
It is still the love, peace, harmony and life thing. It is that important and it is logical. But, you say they are emotions. Can emotions be logical? Can emotions be integrated in some unknown way which can predict the continuation of life?

If a world has gone truly insane? Does that whole of the world still believe itself to be sane?

The events of the tower of Babel. Seems to prove that a being  can reprogram the minds of the entire human population. We all know about radio bands. The AM band, The FM Band and so on.
Well there is a human specific band. So if you wanted to speak directly to every human being. You would communicate across the entire band. Within that entire human band. Is one precise frequency or channel. This is very unique to you and me. If you happen to find someone who nearly matches every quality that you possess. What we call telepathy would occur more frequently than with others. This is not attributed to some kind of psychic power of the force. This would be more like 2 nearby radio stations transmitting near the same frequency. You get bleed over. or listening to two stations at once.
-----------lots of tech info. Not for the casual reader.------

There are more and more empaths born today. As their numbers grow and their percentage of population increases. Than ever before. From the empaths will be born the telepaths. From the telepaths will come the movers. Unless of course the Bi-polar diagnosis can effectively medicate the empath portion of the brain into shutting down genetically. By only medicating without the genetic shutdown. That portion of the brain which is the empathic part. Will only become stronger because of the continual fighting. Most of those people who are diagnosed as bi-polar may in fact be empathic. Because, the empathic person does not understand. They seek out help. Emotions are supposed to match logical thoughts. You are not to have multiple emotions for a singular logical thought. Unless of course you r an empath. An empath I equate to as a radio receiver. Getting the tie in yet? The telepaths are to be the transmitters. It's all genetic radio.  Humanity is evolving right before our eyes and we call it bipolar.
ADHD is a similar. It is an evolutionary process. That we see as a problem. It is only a problem in the average world. 
Unspoken problem. Manifest in 22 days. Requesting prayers. 
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