Friday, January 2, 2015

X-Ray Crash Dream: (Unedited): 02 Jan 2015:

Last night dream vision.

I found myself above a planet which seemed devoid of atmosphere. I knew that great explosions had flung the atmosphere into space. With the smoke gone and the fires extinguished. The planet now looked lifeless as well as had become lifeless. 
I began to look away from the planet and see a dark ship of size. Under some power but not enough to slow down. I knew they were going to crash. I am now behind the ship and not inside. Watching the decent. There is no flame or smoke from re-entry. I see a building which seems to represent some kind of pyramid shape. Crashing into the base of the building was about to happen. Like a bullet which disappears into sand. The ship is deep into the structure. Some how self sealing itself within. Whether it is natural or technological. I do not know. The forward portion of the ship was very damaged and allow the surviving occupants (Children) to escape deep into the building/structure. They survived. For how many generations. Do not know. Do they survive today? Maybe? Are they the same as they were back then? No. They are all very tall a compared to humans today.
I do not know if this was in the distant past or far into the future. I think it was distant past as I was shown just how to gain entry.
From high above I could see inside what appeared to be mountains. There were passageways in every direction. Which I think my view was only two dimensional as opposed to three dimensional. I did not see deep. Just all at once. I could also see the faint outlines of little humanoid beings moving about. From orbit. Everything is small. 
I saw a landing of a wheeled vehicle. Which could bore itself into the mountain. The mountain which was not a mountain. The wheeled vehicle could also create 3 air locking doors. The wheeled craft also had it's own radar to look deep into the sand type stone mountain. This wheeled craft seemed huge by rover standards. As a human man from Earth could stand within the tunnel(s). Which tactically may be preferable to those within. That would not be able to easily crawl through the human created tunnel. 
Need to create this wheeled vehicle and take it to Mars. With a big gun at the front. Fast shooting one. 
As well as other assets. That military minded folk can thunk of.
Wouldn't a tracked vehicle be better?
 They may be bad jedi type of beings. In other words more advanced then us Earth types. But, also very self serving and if they can cause us to serve them. Then they would. Which means the practice of deceptions is something they would do without any moral thought or guilt of feelings.But, They would pretend error and guilt feelings if it suited their interests.
On the other hand. This may only be an archeological dig. With working tech or formerly working tech. The ship which was out of control did have a somewhat powered decent. Something was working. It was capable of slowing but not stopping or able to gain orbit.
Which planet or planetary like body? Have no idea as there were no signs which said, welcome to mars. 
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