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Shy Introvert: (Unedited): 03 Jan 2015:

The empathic introvert needs that quiet time to process the information received everyday. While the shy person becomes helpless while in the grips of their self created fears. 
Both the shy person and the empathic introvert can become a helpless victim of their own self generated fears. The empathic introvert may not even know or is even aware that they are even empathic in any way. Thus, the self created fears of being around groups of people become created. The empathic gifts becomes a bipolar curse.
The psychological powers to be have professionally defined every related word. So that when you read all of the definitions. There is only problems within your being. With every description of your own base psychology. There is a pill to help you. Thus, when you take those pills. You begin a psychological roller coaster ride. that you will never get off of. Unless, you commit suicide. Then those psycho doctors. proclaim. Told you they were crazy. It is of my opinion. That every doctor, nurse, counselor who prescribes any mind altering medication to any person who does not have any provable brain defect or injury. Is directly responsible for that patients well being and directly responsible for their suicide. Al psychological personnel should be graded on how many patients have committed suicide.  If those personnel obtains a certain level. They lose substantial income and assets. Which is to be given to surviving family members. If they reach a higher level jail, for a long time. 
Please read the wiki below. First. 
I suppose you have just read the definition of the wiki briefs below. Those are just short summaries of a lot of information to be discovered.
As you can see there really is no difference between shyness and being introverted. Both seem to be assigned negative aspects of a persons psychology such as low self esteem, low self confidence.
I do believe there is a fundamental distinction between being shy and being introverted. I do also believe that an introvert person can become shy and never even know there is a difference between the two.

It is crucially important for the empathic person to be introverted. I do think if you are a genuine empath in the spiritual sense. Then you would have to be introverted to a degree which does not degrade interactions and participation's within society. It seems all of humanities famous artist, writers and musical talents all have had their own places of seclusion. Research that for yourself. They all seemed to have that basement or attic that they hid themselves in. Some lived in Missouri or in the keys of Florida. There are so many others.

For an spiritually or emotionally empathic person to keep and maintain a healthy well being. They do need their down time or quiet time. The empathic person can take in so much information at one time or in the course of the day. That it does take time for their brains to process all of that information. It does seem that the empathic person needs to know the wisdom, knowledge and have understanding in all that that have internally taken in. Even though in this modern day world. Wisdom and understanding doesn't seem all that important. It should be and is to the empath.

The very first thing I often tell the young ones is. It is OK to be an Introvert. But, it isn't OK to be shy. Shyness seems to be centered in fear. Living your life based in fear is not healthy for anyone and will subdue your essential purpose and mission here on this planet. Study the ancient religious texts on who is the god of fear. This is an enemy to you, the empath. You must internalize within yourself. Which aspects of your own psychology is based in your introvertedness and which is based from your own fears. As a young person. This can be very difficult to quantify. Because, They do not typically have enough life experience, Wisdom, Knowledge or understanding. So they do need a teacher. Like an understanding and teaching parent who will lead their child into a spiritual journey of discovery. My use of the word discovery is important. I did not use the phrase spiritual journey. Because, it is up to each person to decide freely for themselves. What and which spiritual journey to be on. If they want to be on any kind of spiritual journey at all.
The next crucial things that a young empath needs to do daily. Is pray and meditate. The most basic definition of prayer down to one word is Prayer is you talking. Meditation is you listening. Contemplation is your introvertedness having healthy control in that moment. There you have it. Prayer, meditation and contemplation.This is very important for the young one to be self led in this area. You cannot and should not force anyone to pray or meditate. You should not cause any person to feel any kind of negative emotion if they do not pray or meditate.
Contemplation time can manifest itself in one of the arts or in some form of inspirational expression.
One of the first things that continual and daily prayer and meditations does teach to the beginner. Is self control and self discipline. Which are essential skills to any empathic person. Being a realized empathic person. This is only the first step in anyone's spiritual develop, growth and evolution. 
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