Saturday, January 3, 2015

Mind tattoos: (unedited): 03 Jan 2015:

The errors, sins and wrong doings of your life are like tattoos upon your mind and spirit. You may forgive yourself and God may even forgive you. But those tattoos will always remain on your memory.
The representation of the tattoo can be anything. It can be that permanent disease. It can be loss of limbs. It can be brain damage. It can be that unfortunate birth of a child who has to start life addicted to your drugs. It can be that child born as a FAS baby.

Your tattoos of mind or even spirit can be those bad awful things you have done and are not those tattoos which burn your mind and soul. This can happen after you have that wide awakened feeling that good is necessary and badness should be avoided.
Have you ever seen the meanest of the mean or baddest of the bad. Just cry after having been spiritually awakened? Well, It's a sight. The life change is instantaneous. For those types of persons. The spiritual and mental tattoos cannot be bleached away or covered up.

God can wash away all of your sins which burdens your spirit. It seems like in every case God leaves the memory alone as well as any physical ailments which resulted from your poor choices. As that reminder, to you, for you. Possibly enabling you to become that real life teacher as to why other people should not ever do as you have done. Yes, You may suffer and endure daily. You have that choice to internalize it all daily in a very dark and negative way. OR you can be positive and be a teacher to those young ones. Sure it is most likely very embarrassing for you to go out in public and reveal all of your deep dark secrets. In doing so. You may find that unexpected healing or even a spiritual awakening. That is between you and God.

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