Monday, January 5, 2015

Cashless Opportunities: (Unedited): 05 Jan 2015:

Countries which go to a cashless system will discover a wealth of opportunities for managed financial growth in accordance to their populations needs.  Without the worry of the overwhelming restraints of debt.
I'm in no way any sort of professional with money or the theory of wealth creation.
Money is largely an illusion. The importance of any money is basically an agreement of importance in any transaction. You cannot eat or drink money. Money cannot keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Money cannot protect you from extreme weather. But, money can be that useful tool which can exchange for items needed, wanted or selfishly desired.
When monies of any kind is directly tied to precious metals or oil. The quantity of those items becomes a limiting resource when the country grows beyond them. The debt of any country can become a significant handicap in any future growth and development. Which is what is being seen now with heavily debt ridden countries like the USA, Japan.
How to expand your country without any need for debt. A cashless society. When the people trust the government. The value of which will be high. There will be no limit to growth. Except for the availability to natural resources. Other than that expansion will be unlimited.
When all wealth comes from the government and is created out of digital creation. Then is accepted by everyone. The debt of governmental creation ends. The accumulation of natural resources becomes paramount. The recycling of natural resources becomes an extending factor to governmental growth.
Sending resources to other countries will become an exchange rate. Until a common world wide agreed upon cashless system is created where the world controlling body has ultimate authority.
The countries with the greatest debts will become the worlds first cashless societies. No longer being tied to a cash system. Their growth shall become self created without any debt pressures.
How will these new cashless countries pay back their international debts? Possibly a hybrid type of system. Where the cashless society is for the entire human population within that countries borders. Then outside of the borders the typical cash system tied to resources as is done now.  There would have to be exchange rates.
Could this be tied to the next world war? China wants their wealth in which they have earned at near slave wages and given as credit in trust. Only for those nations to become cashless. How are they going to get back what is coming to them? International legal action or Military action and how soon?
Lets say the USA goes cashless and all of the people are just going to love it. There is much hope and optimism surrounding the cashless society. Greater security and everything is just fluffy wonderful.
The USA can massively build up it's military very quickly. Can you say ?19? Aircraft carriers plus all of the other ships and submarines waiting for recycling being updated and upgraded. To be in service very soon. China, Russia, North Korea and other nations will become militarily overwhelmed. To be followed by military buildups from Japan, Australia and Great Britain. Plus others associated with NATO.
The next big military threat in the world will not be from Aircraft carriers. But, from military assets in orbit which can rain down hell fire onto all sea, air and land targets.
With a cashless society. Limited Finances are no longer a problem. The worry of debts burdens is gone. So as long as the people do as they normally do without concern. Everything works.
I do see a third form of monies and it is stock markets. This is beyond me to even comprehend. It would be like going to a casino and exchanging your real money for casino specific poker chips. That is the best way I can explain it. There would have to be an exchange rate.
 In a cashless society. The burden of prisons and hospitals become highly expanded and fully funded. Just as the burden of the homeless and mentally ill can effectively be funded and managed.
Education becomes fully funded.
All governmental pensions becomes fully funded.
NASA fully funded beyond today's imagination.
All beautification and tree hugging projects fully funded.
All of the Countries infrastructures are fully funded.
The biggest drawback to a cashless society is the lack of qualified people or people in general. A husband and wife will need to begin having 4-6 kids or more. Just to keep up with their countries growth. Not 1.5 children per couple.
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