Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Killing Innocense: (Unedited): 20 April 2015:

When the killing of an innocent person benefits two powerful opposing forces. The known murderer will never be questioned. 
 If the murderer is known and their arrest, conviction and execution benefits the two opposing forces while appeasing the common people. Then actions shall be taken.
If the killings of innocent people can occur in secret. Then the better it is for those who rule over the world. The most famous of those who was killed was Jesus Christ. A person who taught to love one another. A person who healed many. This is all that he did and was killed for it. Now, look at this modern world of today. Where is the teachings from those who taught great wisdom? No where. To love one another. To live in peace. To exist in harmony. To revere life. Most of which is non existent in the world system. Unless someone can profit from it or receive some kind of benefit from them.
The greatest enemy to the world system is that of a person who teaches that which is contrary to world philosophies and becomes popular.
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