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Spiritual Chaff: Chaff Winds: (Edited): 26 April 2015:

Edited by RLDW
The spiritual chaff is the believing religious person who is to be considered as the worldly, accepted good seed, then used and digested by the will of the worldly, accepted cattle and ruling bulls. The righteous believing and living person shall be discarded as worldly chaff, only to be blown by the spiritual winds of the Holy Spirit.
 The spiritual chaff is of no use in anything spiritually holy, just as worldly chaff is of no use to anything worldly. Actually, everything which is considered as worldly chaff is a direct threat to everything worldly and shall be cast into those worldly fires. Everything which is spiritual chaff is of no threat to anything spiritually holy and shall be cast into the spiritual fires. Shall you lose your physical life to gain spiritual life? Or shall you lose your spiritual life to gain the physical?
There are two kinds of winds for chaff. The chaff of the world is different than the chaff of the spirit.
Chaff Winds: (Unedited): 26 April 2015:
The worldly winds blow the spiritual chaff, just as the spiritual winds blow the worldly chaff. 
Can you see the difference? Those who are merely religious shall be accepted by the worldly belief system, so as long as the world can change/alter the belief systems of the religions by political will and lawful worldly laws. We are in that era now where religions are falling like both hard rain and silent snow. When the religious leaders of those old established religions begin to bring in to their holy places sin's freedoms and sin's rightful acceptance, there is the abomination of desolation.
In time, as the exclusion out of worldly society progress against the righteous Christian or any other righteous person, there will be that tipping point where laws will be passed against the righteous ones and they shall be placed into those worldly fires. The evidence of their righteous beliefs and living shall be blown by the worldly winds into worldly non-existence.
Just as it was done to the Jews in WW2 in only a few places of worldly fires, so too shall it be again, but this time there will be worldly fires in every place. Except this time it will be against everyone who is thought of as against the established political will and political laws that shall be enforced.

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Edited by RLDW: 
This is prophecy.
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