Sunday, April 26, 2015

Looking Person: (Unedited): 2? April 2015:

A person can look, long and hard and yet never see anything.
I think I've heard this one before but not certain.
I guess this would be similar to you can lead a horse to water.
I live in a beautiful area of Florida. People spend thousands of dollars to come to this state on vacations ranging from a simple weekend to 6 months. It is just interesting just how some people can never see a beautiful sunset or complain that the small cloud partially blocked the setting sun.
Beauty is everywhere even in the state of Missouri. Where I have heard the negative slang for this state. What is that other quote. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder".
If you have chosen not to see any beauty. Then you shall not ever see anything beautiful. It is really that simple.
Every single day. I see the same sun setting upon the exact same horizon and yet every sunset is uniquely beautiful and awe inspiring. This is exactly the same for your sunsets and sunrises. no matter where you are on this planet.
This is more than just being able to see beauty. This is about seeing everything and anything with a truthful heart. Or is that being able to see or to discern truths which is outside or beyond your physical senses?
Think about that for a moment. What is truth? Do you believe truths are actually lies? This is a hard one to grasp. Like the lie of racism. Historically racism started at the tower of Babel story. In these modern times the many races of humanity has been absolutely proven to be a lie. research the Human Genome project. Then the DNA finger printing. Yes, so since the 1980's this has been a known fact and yet no one talks about it. Yes, The final conclusions are that more than 99.9% of all of humanities DNA is identical. This is a proven fact based on logical evidence. You just cannot get around this big elephant in the room. Even though you may hear those who profit the most from racism that it's all lies and deceptions. Which is interesting because all of those racists have been proven to be absolute liars and deceivers themselves. Even though many have been titled with being men and women of God. Which is of course a human title and not a Godly or Righteous title.
 What are the truths that you are refusing to see? At first thoughts. You may proclaim nothing at all. Which in itself is a self deception. If you just focus on what is actually true and what is actually a lie. Then your life can begin to become pure and righteous can also begin to grow within you. This can begin with exaggerations. Exaggerations are lies and deceptions. Which will prevent any righteousness to develop within you.
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