Saturday, May 2, 2015

Utter Boobs. (Unedited): 02 May 2015:

The most powerful nation in the world today is also the most defenseless. The USA also suffers from many boobs in Washington D.C. as well as in all of the state capitals. To the utter surprise of the whole world. The whole of the USA will fall to a BOOB in a single hour of a single day.
I've already written about the probable destruction of the USA and it's absolute take over by the United Nations in regards to debt relief to the world. Research my writings for yourself. Even as of now. I see a variety of destructive scenarios of how the USA is destroyed. From just a staged EMP attack all along the USA, Canada and European seaboards. To nuclear fire of 25 cities and 25 military bases. As well as the sinking of entire naval fleets in a single attack. In one single coordinated attack from Russia, China, North Korea, Plus the South American Latino assets.
For the world to be able to profit from the destruction of the USA. The nuclear fire must be prevented. The foreign ownership of American corporations already sees their will influencing any politician in the pay to play which has developed within every level of government within the USA. American Politicians are truly owned by foreign entities and it is all very legal. The American people have become the free ranging cattle of the world.
Note for those who have and are preparing.
It is now T-6 months. It has been 7 years from 2008 and 14 years from 2001. This will be the third set of 7. If something does happen in and around September. Has America and Americans learned their lessons or is America and Americans more evil than before 2008 and 2001? Has the whole of the USA taken in more and more sin? Well, that is for God to answer and for us human beings to assume. Until, the event(s) occur or not occur. Unless the math and observations are very wrong.
It is wise for you to conduct your training exercises prior to the possible September event. Even if the event(s) do not occur. You will be better prepared for it. The so called 72 hours of transition from civilized to a more barbaric after the rule of law has become vapor. Shall not be approximately 72 hours. It shall be much less as in about a handful of hours if not less.
For the first year you must be able to run and/or hide for one year. Do not confront anyone if at all possible.
The most important part of your preparations should be in regards to righteousness and all persons should be in agreement with the absolute stance in regards to righteousness. If not then they should not be included. Even if they are blood relations. This is and shall be a tough decision to make and to follow through on. It may be a Divine requirement to see this kind of decision through. But, it is to know that the spirit of you is of greater importance than the physical you.
Righteousness shall be of more importance than of breathable air, clean water and healthy food. In that order.
Righteousness must be made from a free mind which is free from any threats, intimidation's or fears. Each person must choose righteousness because it is good, right and wise. Then live their lives in a righteous manor while thinking in a righteous manor. There is no hiding your sins from God. Though you may be able to hide your sins from your brothers and sisters.
Added on 17 Nov 2015: Chinese Island Buildup.  I have been recently thinking about this. China has really no responsibility to tell anyone anything. Maybe, to ease their neighbors minds and hearts. But, that is really it. China is building up those islands. When you start from scratch. You would want to build necessary communistic infrastructure of population controls. You would want to create access via airports and naval ship ports. You would want to build the necessaries power, water sewage, hospitals, schools and government buildings. All of these things without any pre-build advertisement would almost certainly appear to be all military. Which everyone does in the west. To build up excitement and to have people decide to spend money. I still remember this is about boobs and not the female body parts. Wouldn't this be funny for the civilians. If China built exclusive vacation condos, resorts and hotel on all of those islands. Then assigned port of call contracts with the cruise ship lines. Will there be a military contingent? It's China of course. Everything they do is in regard to their military. Who will be considered the boob when and if China starts building hotels and tiki huts? Then starts advertising in travel websites.
Brothers and sisters is every other human being on or off of this planet. Regardless of skin tone/color.
Note: Boobs is used as an insult. Although not used to much today. It is an insult referenced to stupidity or being an idiot.
Note: Utter is in the Bible.
Note: BOOB is used as an American tactical term. Bolt Out Of the Blue. From the book "Peace and Conflict Studies"  By David P. Barash, Charles P. Webel. 
Chapter 5, Page 112-113. How a Nuclear war could start.
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