Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Righteous Rejection: Obediently Righteous: (Unedited): 29 April 2015

Repeat prophecy:
The whole of the world shall reject all of those who are righteous even the religions and those people who are passionately religious. 
The religious persons who are not righteous in the eyes of God. Shall be forgotten as if they have never been known. The religions of the world cannot and will not tolerate a righteous person who is not associated with the church, synagogue, temple or mosque leadership. So it was with Jesus and so it shall be in the end of days. Because, the righteous cannot be controlled by any religious authority. Just as the prophets of old had a direct line to God. Well mostly. They could not be controlled by the established religions of the day. Yet, today many established churches and religions have fallen from grace and have embraced sin as a fundamental right/freedom. It no longer matters what God has proclaimed in the Holy Bibles in which they teach from. What is it called when you bring sin into the Holy Places? I know the answer, do you?
Do you remember the story of the king's son who had a party and removed the holy glasses from the holy place in order to disrespect/sin with them. Then by the end of that night. All was lost in the kingdom. Yes, I am being vague. Find it. Read it.
I find it interesting how Islam is at war with Christianity and one of their tenants is OBEDIENCE. Obedience is something in which the typical Christian is not. Yet, Christianity absolutely ignores Islam and do not understand the Islamic message. If the multitude of Christians began to be obedient to God and become righteous in the eyes of God. Then all of the bad and sad prophecies ever spoken and written down by all of the accepted and non-accepted prophets. Will become null and void. I do believe that Islam is under the direction of God. To what degree or purpose? Unknown. I do know the two key words. Peace and Obedience. The Islamic fighters are absent of any peace while the Christian seem to be absent any obedience. Thus begins the dimensionality of the will of God. To understand more than I ever could. You need to pray and meditate on these things and maybe God will reveal them to you. Be patient. Be Obedient. Be Righteous. Be Holy. As defined by God and seen by God. Not necessarily seen or recognized by any human Being or human institution.
:Digital rejections shall be the beginning:
The righteous and those who bring the light of truth shall be rejected from participating in any communication in public. Everyone has become a digitized voice and it is very easy to deny the digitized voice. Just hit the ban button or deny to comment button. 
It is interesting as I write this. I discover almost on a monthly basis. That those who are religious have banned me from commenting on their websites. I'm not sure why, as they do not respond to me. I should not be surprised as many of the main stream media has also banned my comments. Especially in regards to racism. No one wants to know the truth and they all want to perpetuate the lies. Read for yourself and do the actual research from source materials and historical documents. So I would suppose. eventually, this will the only place that I can be heard. That is until all of my blog/quotes are deemed hate speech by everyone. Then I will be banned from the internet. With no recourse, no defense and only automatic guilt. Yes, It's coming. When? Maybe, in less than 20 years. If the 2015 event does not occur sometime around September 2015. If the 2015 event does not destroy the USA from within then look to 2022. Unless God has delayed it by a year. God is God and will do His will in the time of His choosing. He don't need my permission or my flawed and limited  understanding. To base any of His decisions or actions. Yea, I tend to dig my own holes pretty deep.
I'm very thankful. My readership is growing and I'm now being republished in two places. I'm very thankful for that as well.    
Obediently Righteous: (Unedited): 29 April 2015: 
 It is only the free minded person who can become obediently righteous to the urgings of their Divine Holy father and find their joy therein.
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