Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Distracted Gifts: (Unedited): 26 April 2015:

The gifted and talented person can see their gifts and talents stolen away through social media and other gaming content distractions.
There is a time and place for everything. You've heard that before right?
This is to the gifted and talented person. You are required by the nature of your own gift and talent to spend many hours daily in the development of your gifts and talent. You are required to focus on the pursuit of perfect as well as learning all there is to know about your gift and talent. This is mandatory. Even to the point where you risk losing or even developing a love for your gift or talent. Hopefully just hopefully you do not become a slave to your gift or talent and just become a willing servant to it. Curses often times begin with angers and hatreds.  Jealousies can also grow the curse of your gift and talent. because the common everyday average and normal person gets to play and spend hours of their daily lives playing digital games and socializing with people whom they may never meet.
So the question is why do you want to be normal and average? If your an INFJ like me. Your or we were born this way. No amount of cultural or social training will change or alter us. Unlike other lifestyle choices and abuses which go untold can lead a person into certain lifestyle choices. In which over time will become an integral part of their natural identity. Even though it wasn't back then but is now. Even altering their own DNA.
You are who you are. Your gifts and talents have been identified and your parents are enabling you to pursue your gifts and talents. Some parents even push you so hard that the love of your gifts become squashed like thousands of bugs on the summer windscreen (Windshield) of a never stopping big rig truck. The training for your gifts seems to go on forever, never ending, never stopping and always racing forward to that possible if not probable end result. That certainty which could be known but not yet seen. because, you have to work, work, work and never ending work. Is the fun gone yet? Has the fun been murdered?
There is that fine line and it is a part of your focus, your determination, your self will. Your own set goals can become your own driving force. Knowing that 99% of your race, your events, your real world games, you concerts, your tests or what ever it is you must prepare for is in the perfect practice. That's right about 99% of your time must be spent in practice and you must pursue a mindset of perfection during those practices. That is and can be pretty harsh and unfair especially when compared to all of those average and normal people who are completely satisfied with not trying very hard just to pass a thing. Your not normal and your not average. So stop trying to be something you are not.
I know a talented young person who was just told that she must spend for hours a day on the perfecting of her gift. She will have to choose very soon. whether or not. This is a choice which will have a very profound impact on her future. This decision is a very time sensitive decision. A decision which cannot be unmade. She will not be able to turn back time. She will not be able to begin at a later date. The opportunities for a probable future in her gift will become most unlikely if she decides not to practice for hours and hours on a daily basis. Her fear is that it will take away from her life but it is her gifts which are an integral part of her life. A gift is like a leg or an arm. If you stop using your leg or an arm. That body part or gift doesn't go away it just becomes weaker and weaker.
I know of another young man. who is also gifted. Except because of his own internal pride and arrogance. The probably of him using his physical gifts has become unlikely. Despite the wisdom's and understandings taught to him by his parents. The free college potential is gone to him forever. Thousands of dollars of free education lost to this low income kid forever. All of this over losing a life of playing digital games and other hobbies which will most likely not benefit him as would a possibly free college education would.
The social media trap in this digital world is such a restraining chain around anyone who is gifted and talented in anything. To such a degree that gifts and talents may never be realized. Societies who embrace without any wisdom the digital age may become a society without any greatness or truly great people. The distractions of the digital age shall become a huge stumbling block to any real personal, spiritual and professional development. That's a quote isn't it?
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