Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Thunder Speaks: Walking the Abyss: Prophecies Curses: (Unedited): 2? April 2015:

The thunder speaks to everyone in accordance to their own belief system. One person may become fearful of the coming storms while another will hear the incredible sciences in action. One person has no real interest while another gleans amazing understanding of new wisdom's.
All life upon this planet shall hear and feel the thunder when it comes from the unseen storm which approaches. The animals shall be some of the first to respond to this great sound. Men, women and children everywhere shall also hear the great sound coming ahead of a nothingness perceived. 
Only the select righteous shall be saved in those days which shall end for all. Just as in the days of Noah. Where only eight adults were saved. So to, you shall know that your own children may not be saved either. No matter how your define or proclaim their innocence.
Escape from your religious traditions and begin to live your lives in righteousness as instructed by God, the prophets and the Angels who have delivered the messages to and for all of humanity.
In the coming days. Those who are merely religious shall be forgotten. They shall be the majority of professing peoples. While the silent, forgotten and rejected remnant of the truly righteous as defined by only God shall be saved.  To the degree that the rapture may never be proclaimed as an event which has already occurred in it's time.
in the time of Revelations revealing and openings. There is much thunders. Thunders in nature when they are not of eminent danger are largely ignored by everyone. So to shall be these spiritual thunders when they are heard and yet misinterpreted by each individual religious person. Even the heartless and spiritless theologian shall ignore the thunders meanings. With comedy they who are easily seen shall laugh at rumors of thing has already happened. Their worldly wealth shall be lost if they admit the truth. Their worldly wealth has already been given as their reward from the god and gods of this worldly system. They shall see God coming and they shall see the end of all they know. They will think that God has forsaken them. But in truth God never knew them.

The who shall be forsaken shall only be defined by God and not by me or any other human being. The truth of me. I'm a deeply flawed human being and I struggle daily with becoming righteous and holy. Which is only given by God and not by any award from any man or institution.
To further your own research and understanding of this. Begin below here and then go deeper into the fearful waters of the wisdom of God. Just know that all of these efforts shall not profit you in the world.
Walking the Abyss: (Unedited): 28 April 2015: 
 As you claw into the wet sand of the worldly system of things. Know it is the fallen Angels who came as gods and created all that we humanly know. Become like Peter and yet not like Peter. Let go of the wet sand and let the spiritual waves take you out into the fearful deep of the tumultuous abyss.  Then call upon His Name and walk.
I've clawed into this world and want to hold onto it. My faults and failings as I do understand. That humanity is at the stage of truly altering this planet with knowledge and yet humanity does not have the wisdom nor the understanding of what they do. To the degree of causing great harm to this planet. I'm coming to that point where I know that one unknown voice shall not be enough to avert any coming man made disaster and they shall be man made on a global scale.
Everyone thinks it is God who brings the disasters. What if it is humanity who brings all of the prophesied disasters? If this is true. Then we all have the collective power to alter every bad and sad prophecy every written or spoken.
Prophecies Curses: (Unedited): 28 April 2015:
Prophecies can evolve to become more than what can be probable into that which has become self fulfilling curses. 
Everyone wants the coming Messiah to come and save us all. Yet, no one makes the correlation of his attitude and temperament when he does come again. 

This is prophecy.
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