Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Spiritual Messages: (Unedited): 2? April 2015:

Those who are not involved with the delivery or content of a spiritual message. Will not know or even be aware.
Something happened or at least, you think something happened. Your spouse on the other hand had something happened or maybe it was that special child of yours.
When the Angelics come a visiting. They will be focused on their mission. The delivery of their message to that one person. If you are deemed to be a distraction or worse. You will be held down, held back and/or just plain ole "turned off!" When you become aware that you were sleeping or turned back on. You may even have some physical discomfort or pain.

For those who have had that delivery of a spiritual message. You will wake up from that dream/vision. With full memory of the dream. You can almost close your eyes and vividly see all aspects of the dream. Even many days after the dream/vision has occurred. This happens for a variety of reasons. One, being a meaning of importance. Two, being you should really devote much mental energy to this dream/vision to ascertain the total message. There will be much information to be learned with the depth or dimensionality of the message given to you. It would be similar to the depth of teaching in the Bible story of Jonah. Did you know there are about a dozen or more separate spiritual teachings within the story of Jonah? there is. It is really amazing how God could put into so many different spiritual lessons within one single story. This is nearly the same for the person who was given the spiritual dream/vision message.There is almost always more information than what is basically on the surface of the dream/vision basic content.

A sign of the differences between the good Angels of God and those fallen ones. The good Angels of God will be solely focused upon the delivery of the message(s) to be given. They will do whatever is necessary to deliver only the entire content of the spiritual message. Which includes blocking any non receiver by any means they deem necessary. Even if you are the non receiver or will be an aid to that spiritual message after the fact. Then after the fact you shall be aware. Every bit of your ego, pride and arrogance shall be negated. If you feel bad or sad, guilty or jealous. Then that is your problem. The spiritual message is not for you. It is just the way it is. Be happy that another soul is to be awakened and hope that soul remains awake. To become one of the knowing and not just one of the sleeping faithful.
The angels of God. Will not want you to believe that they are gods or the GOD.  They will be both present and absent from the spiritual message given. The message is all about the receiver and for the benefit of the receiver. For instance you may sense or see others around you. But, they are all subdued or shaded or removed in some way. But, you know they are there. There are many reasons for this. The message of the dream/vision is of the greatest importance. The importance of the Angelics can become to much of a distraction so they purposeful diminish their importance within the dream/vision. So that you the receiver of the dream/vision can focus entirely upon that message. AND... some of these Angelics are so powerful that they must shield themselves from you. In order to prevent you from any physical and mental harm. 
The fallen ones who have contact with another human soul. Will express much of their own pride, ego and arrogance into their false spiritual messages. They will also enjoy their power of you. They will also enjoy causing you much discomfort and turmoil. They of course will deliver their own spiritual message to you. In which the end result will hinder your growth and development. While all the while your focus upon them is heightened. Almost to the point that the fallen angel is superior than the message delivered. 
The fallen angels will relish in you knowing that they are gods and that they are all powerful over us monkeys. The fallen angels will be integral part of their own message to you. maybe, even the primary focus. The message is all about them and the potential harm to their targeted receiver.

Special Note: Please get this one.
Special is used in the spiritual sense and not in the needy or physically disabled sense. But, then again. It does seem that certain of those persons whom we see as special tend to be more aware of the spiritual than normal people. To the degree of redefining who actually is disabled or normal in the spirit. Think about that one peanut.
Note 2. New word.
I just decided that "Angelics" is a word. Angelics are those spiritual beings which are accepted by God and who are not those fallen ones who are an adversary to all of humanity.
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