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World Distractions: (Unedited): 22 May 2015:

Many of the distractions of the world systems. Keep you from the truth, self improvement and spiritual enlightenment. 
Through traditions most of humanity believe that the separation and division of the races based in observation is a truth. When the absolute truth of the matter is we are all one race of human beings as proved through human DNA Finger Printing and through the Human Genome Project. The basic logical conclusions of DNA Finger Printing and the completion of the Human Genome project are all backed by by the historical accounts of Adam & Eve as well as the story of Noah and the saving of 4 adult pairs or 8 people. We are all one true family of human beings or one race.
All of this new digital input into our minds seems to all be surrounded by a singular theme of entertainment. We have music videos, new and old TV shows to watch on demand, Never ending video games. This list seems to go on forever and it is never ending. To the extreme point of you losing your identity and fundamental purpose in life. The digital addiction to always be plugged in. This all takes away from you. Even though it is all about your own wants and desires. The end result of all of this can only be logically concluded by you. Are you better off? Do you  have a better relationship with your spouse/family more than you do your fony* and phake* digital life? Do you even realize that your digital life is not alive?
This new digital input can be of benefit to each of us. So as long as we stay away from the trash and other digital waste of media space. If the digital content does not evolve you, grow you, develop you or better you. Then it is a waste of your time with this still very new digital technology. By searching out those actual truths such as the separation of humanity through skin tones, cultural divides and social status. Go and search for this truth for yourselves. Do not believe me. Go to those actual sources. For even Wikipedia lies and deceives in regards to race and racism. Then discover for yourself how many other lies and deceptions are openly in the world believed as truth.
Through the media news outlets. It seems many prefer the news in accordance to their political belief system. Regardless if their belief system is of truth or of lies believed as truths. News is no longer just the news. It is just another form of entertainment.
It seems that all forms of entertainment has corrupted the human mind set and soul. Even in the Christian Churches entertainment is necessary to bring in the masses as well as their wealth. There is very little time to get into the meat of the true meaning of the Bible. Such as becoming righteous and Holy in the eyes of God. There is a big difference between being religious and being righteous. You can actually be religious without ever being righteous. You can be dead in God through your religion and still live very worldly. Yet, You cannot do the same with being righteous in the eyes of God. You cannot be worldly and righteous. It is impossible. There is no separation within the righteous person within their profession, personal life, family life and political affiliations. There are no coming out of any closets for the righteous person.
Where as those who are religious and possibly dead in God. Can separate their personal life, from their church life, from their professional life, from their closet life of secret sin, from their family life, from their social life. Some may call all of this freedom but in truth it is all just a form of slavery of your mind.
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Added on 31 May 2015: I really tried to figure out how to delete race and racism from this post. But, all I did was add more content. Go figure. I guess it is supposed to be in it. Lies and deceptions do in fact enslave your mind to false beliefs. So that those who are in charge can use these lies and deceptions for their benefit. Look at all of the anger and hatred created just through race and racism. The wars and conflicts.
Then ask Yourself this. Why do not every political, religious, social, cultural leader in the world admit to the truths discovered in DNA Fingerprinting and The Human Genome Project. How come the NEWS media who is supposed to stand for truth do not force the leaders to admit it?
If everyone would just begin to believe that more than 99.9% of all of our DNA is identical. Then everyone must begin to look at each other as brother and sister. You know the beginning of love one another and peace on Earth might just happen. Who can profit from that?
The lies and deceptions of the perpetual continuation of race and racism. Is the number one most self  destructive false truth within all of humanity today.
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