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Off Ramp Repentance: Righteous Roadblocks: (Unedited): 26 May 2015:

Genuine repentance is the little off ramp. Which leads to the small unused road of righteousness.
Righteous Roadblocks: (Unedited): 26 May 2015: 
Churches and religions which do not teach and expect repentance. Create spiritual roadblocks to righteousness.
Righteous Toll Booth: (Unedited): 26 May 2015: 
Genuine repentance which is seen and acknowledged by God is the necessary toll booth to get onto the narrow path of righteousness. 
Righteousness and holiness as defined by God seems to be no longer expected within the Christian and catholic communities/religions. It hasn't been for some time. Yes, there seems to be just a few who have achieved righteousness as defined and acknowledged by God. 
The repentance of sins. All of which is known by each one of us. Seems to be just secreted away. never to be revealed to anyone. Almost as if God won't known. Really?
You must repent of your sins of your own free choosing. without threats, intimidation's or any fears. You do this because you know you have done wrong and have that deep desire to make it right. Then you steadfastly go forth in your life and sin no more. It is that simple and yet so very difficult. Especially, for me a deeply flawed human being.
Without any repentance. There will be no free pass through the toll gate to righteousness. The best you could ever hope for is to be wholly accepted by the religion of your selection. By becoming religious.
Without repentance. There shall be no righteousness and without righteousness there shall be no working of the spiritual gifts. Can you see how it all ties together? The absence of any genuine miracles is a sign. Sure there will be miracles on an individual basis. But, with the whole of the church body or of the entire religion. They are absent.
The absence of information should always be sought out. The wisdom and understanding should be gleaned. The intended meaning of the absence of information should be known and from a Righteous and Godly heart, it shall be.
So what is this absence of information. I'll give you the token and it isn't me.
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