Friday, June 5, 2015

Empathic Lovers: (Unedited): 04 Jan 2014:

Notes: Work in progress
An empath feels much and often times can be overwhelmed by all of the various emotions coming in at one time.

The Empathic lovers can be a degree of pleasurable intensity. This is important to begin to understand when you are a realized empath.

A). When an empath has a lover who is not an aware empath. The empath will feel the pleasure of both of them and may choose to give more pleasure in order to magnify pleasures intensity. The unaware person will only feel there half of all of the pleasure.

B). When an empath engages in random pleasurable act s with unknown others. Their pleasurable experience may also involve negative emotions the other half is thinking and feeling. Thus, causing possible emotional damage to the empath for a period of time. Even though the physical aspects of the intimate experience is physically pleasurable. The possible negativity, hate, anger and any other undesirable emotion will become permanently attached to the experience. 

C). When an empath develops a friendly relationship with another empath and the relationship grows into an intimate encounter. Both will begin to share in each others pleasurable experience. Thus magnifying the over all experience. If the two fall in love with one another. The pleasure is yet again magnified. The magnified feelings are multiplied as you both begin to honor, respect each other.