Friday, June 5, 2015

Prophetic Fate: (Unedited): 05 June 2015:

You each are the change for humanities prophetic fate this day. Show Love, Be merciful, Express compassion. Not just this day but all days to come.
The prophets of ancient humanity.
The prophets of recent history.
The prophets of today.
All have warned humanity of it's coming demise. It shall be not by the hand of God. But, by our own collective human insanity in which we all participate in. Extinction is in the near future for humanity.
All of it can be averted when we each willingly and by our own free choice. Without any threats, intimidation's or fears. All begin to do the following.
To love one another.
To live in peace.
To exist in harmony.
 To cherish life.
 To become the holy and righteous people as The Heavenly Father intended us to be.
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