Saturday, June 6, 2015

You Owe satan: (Unedited): 6 June 2015:

In the time of his choosing. satan shall collect the debt you owe. Especially, when you are about to seek assistance from the divine one.
This is not intended to harm Mr. Matthew McConaughey in any way. My words are just what they are. When I write in this manor. It is my intention to save lives and not to become a "I told you so" type. I liked the character he portrayed in Sahara. It was funny. But, a very strong message about pollution.
So what does Mr. Matthew McConaughey or anyone else must do to end their deal with the devil? I have no idea. If it is even possible. I do know this. No amount of good deeds you do shall break the deal. As a matter of fact. If you had made a deal with the devil. All of the good works you have done. Shall become a curse upon those whom you have done it for. Unless, they are directly protected by the Divine Heavenly father who is of the supreme authority over satan who is the god of this world system.
This section is for everyone and not just for Matthew McConaughey. The bottom line is. I do not know if Matthew McConaughey made a deal or not. Only three people know for sure. Matthew McConaughey, satan and The Lord God of all things.
satan is a very powerful being along with about 200 or so of his surviving brethern. They are so powerful as compared to humans. On the order of several magnitudes of evolutionary creation. That they can do as they will to any one of us lowly humans. The condition of your heart, the state of your mind, the spiritual connectedness to the Divine is all easily and instantly known by satan and his fallen brethren. satan and his brethren can even mimic your own style of thought to cause you to believe you are thinking your own thoughts. When you are not. They pretend to be you within your own mind. In other words, they are acting. Do you get it yet?
Especially, if we have the wrong or no belief system. But, it does seem to be one of satan's targets of people who were born to godly families and even born of a godly related name. That satan makes his deals. Because, no matter how the deal ends. There is much destruction in the dimensional order of all who are related. All in an effort to soil the historical godly names and godly families. If your spouse was also a gift from satan and you have had children after the deal. Then the possible ownership of those children shall belong to satan. I said possible. Especially, if they resulted from the spouse given to you from satan. It can even get much worse.
That even when you publicly speak of thanking god. Everyone will assume that you are speaking of the Christian God. Where as you are not.
You may think that your deal with the devil is all about you. It is not. It is about everyone and everything who has ever had any sort of relationship with you. Everyone and everything shall be harmed by your deal with the devil. It is much like suicide. The person who commits suicide. Ends it all for themselves. While those who are survived. Must endure the memory of their loved ones suicide until their own dying days. Even then only The God who is above the god of this Earth knows for certain.
I just woke up this morning from a dream about Matthew McConaughey. There was much darkness which surrounded him and then in a place called Flat Springs he died in a single car accident.
There is only one Flat Springs and it is in North Carolina. Maybe, Flat springs is not a city.  
Well, here is the vision. I see much desert and a rolling road. I real rolling road in which causes the vehicle Matthew McConaughey to lose control. I do not see that as some unfortunate natural thing or some bad timing accident. This was a time to pay. Does that mean murder? I have no idea. Does that mean someone does a thing whether on purpose or by good hearted redneck repair fixes a thing. In which a death results. I do not know. 
Here is the thing. If Mr. Matthew McConaughey during his drunken and drugged time of his life. Even if he had done it only once. Made some kind of deal with the devil. Then satan can come and collect in the time of his choosing. In the time of his choosing will mean if you who had made the deal begins to become a do gooder of heart and begin to approach the divine for repentance of any sort. Then satan may call upon you to repay immediately. In that place of desolation and empty waste. Shall you perish without any human understanding.
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