Saturday, June 6, 2015

Brothers/Sisters Whom You Never Met: (Unedited): 06 June 2015:

All the strangers whom you will ever come across. They are all your brothers and sisters whom you have never met.
It is easy to see the differences in other people. Everyone looks differently to one another. Some more so than others. But through all of these very minor and little differences. All of our human DNA is more than 99.9% identical. Just by the definitive outcome of this mathematical fact. Which is an absolute and cannot be argued or debated. We are all truly brothers and sisters to each other. Which means anyone and in any capacity. Who proclaims and teaches that any other group who people who worthless or is less than dogs. Is directly lying and deceiving you.
 So how can you the common person in this world we live in, continue to support those who lie and deceive all of humanity. Then convince all of us through more lies and deceptions. To march off into warfare to kill and murder your very own brothers and sisters. Whom you have never met or had a fair opportunity to get to know? Can you in good faith kill your brother and sister whom you know not. All based in the lies and deceptions to you by those who have much to gain while they are in their positions of authority. Because, who defines and identifies who the enemy is? It is those who continue to perpetuate the lies. Those whom are to be your enemies are told exactly the same thing.
What if? just what if? They are all lying and deceiving everyone whom those controllers deem to be less than they are. Are they really less than you? absolutely not. They are human beings just like you and me. We all share exactly the same 99.9% DNA within all of our common genetic code.
This is all we each should want to do in this life. To achieve a life worth living for us all. Us all means all Human Beings. No matter where they may reside.
To love one another.
To live in peace.
To exist in harmony.
 To cherish life.
 To become the holy and righteous people as The Heavenly Father intended us to be.

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