Saturday, June 27, 2015

Era of False Prophets: (Unedited): 27 June 2015:

Humanity is in the era of false prophets. As humanity experiences more and more false prophets. So to will the level of miracles they do increase and be more wondrous. Until such a time when the greatest amongst the false prophets can call down fire from the heavens. Then will this revelation be finally revealed to all peoples. But, those devout followers and true prophets will already know who, what and when the prophecy means. But, those devout followers of God. Will already be suffering much and crying out to the Lord for respite.
False interpretations believed by the majority of the believers shall lead them astray. All the way to the point that they become absolutely deceived and know not their true Lord when he comes. They the deceived will war against the coming savior. The majority of humanity shall war against the coming savior.
Deceived Religions: (Unedited): 27 June 2015:
For those who are merely religious within their own religion and only does the minimum requirements as dictated by men who adorn themselves of their religious cloth. Shall be deceived and know it not. 
Blindly Fooled: (Unedited): 27 June 2015:
Those unbelievers and evil doers who have been full of the world and of apathy. When they see the miracles with their own physical senses. They shall believe and blindly follow in what they perceive by their own fooled physical senses.
Righteous of God:(Unedited): 27 June 2015;
Only those persons who are deemed righteous in the eyes of God. Shall know and understand which prophecies have been misinterpreted. Before a person can become righteous. They must revere/respect all that God has done and created. They must know their own guilt and repent of them all. Then sin no more.
This is not intended to be all inclusive.
Righteousness Acknowledged: (Unedited): 27 June 2015:
Righteousness is an acknowledgement from God and not from any human or human organization. 
Truth Light:(Unedited): 27 June 2015:
 A person who has been in the cave of shadowed deceptions for their whole life. Becomes greatly pained when the brilliant light of truth shines into their newly opened eyes.
Before you research the below links. Pray and meditate upon them first. Ask God your Father to allow your eyes to be opened, Your mind to understand the wisdom and knowledge contained within. Don't just read from the surface. Go deeper into every Bible verse. Allow and Let in the Word to reveal the Word into your spirit, mind and heart. Let these truths illuminate the lies within you and burn them up until they all become wind blown ash.
All I am is a finger pointer. The finger is only important until you see the source of the truth being pointed to. Then you move all of your attention to that source and move forward in your life. Forgetting about me. That is my sole intention.
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