Saturday, June 27, 2015

No Matter: (Unedited): 23 June 2015:

No matter how hot the furnace gets.
No matter how hungry the lions are within their den.
No matter if your the star of the show within the Roman Coliseum.
No matter how deep or how high the waters become.
No matter if your journey within valley of the shadow of death is never ending.
No matter if all has been bad and sad within your continuous trials and tribulations.
No matter if your publicly crucified upon the cross on the side of the road for all to witness.
No matter if permanent prison and certain execution is coming upon the innocent you.
It is always a good life when the Lord Jesus Christ is within you.
This is Prophecy:
 Ye Christians hear these words and understand them. The god of the world is coming for you in a overt, very angry and hateful manor. You will suffer and lose every manor of battle until the savior comes. You will be killed, You will be starved, You will be imprisoned, You will suffer many tortures, You will be denied access into the world system.. This time has begun. 26 Jun 2015. The LGBT Community has cause a great defeat to anyone who is righteous, religious. A great offense to any religion which disagrees with the LGBT community. The LGBT Community has won a major legal hurdle.  There will be more victories. Until all of the rights and freedoms are stripped away from anyone claiming to be Christian and then when their political will is set in stone. They will go after Islam for in that time. The LGBT community will own the Judges, Law enforcement and military. Any established religion which is not in total agreement will be severely punished by the coming power which is the LGBT community. The LGBT Community will have their total victory.

Of course all of these things will not happen over night. It will take about 7 more years +/-. To insure these things. President Obama must retain all of his powers and office for the next seven years. Or the election of the coming prophesied Babylonian Queen in the body of Hillary Clinton.

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If this is offensive to you now. This is only the beginning and you know not that it has begun or even care. Nor will you fight against this before this great offensive monster becomes to powerful to dissent against. Because, You have confused the rights with the offensive. People have basic human rights but they do not have the right to promote sinful and offensive actions. 
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