Thursday, June 25, 2015

Is it live or is it Memorex?: (Unedited): 23 June 2015:

From a moment of peace, to a moment of total created chaos. Out of orchestrated chaos comes the peace and the way of life the worldly masters create for you. Every siren blares. every cell phone rings. The danger is imminent.
As it is in every cataclysmic Hollywood movie ever created. The ultimate disaster is averted in the nick of time or the worldly chosen stars survive.
It would be easy for the government to prank it's own citizens into a predicted response and for very real political change. What if this happened to the whole of the world? Everyone would believe and respond accordingly. The media would do their parts. Like dogs being led with tasty treats.
The evil governments can finally rid themselves of those undesirables as they each define them to be. These undesirables can be any person who is not aligned politically, a believing person of wrong faith, criminals and convicts, the mentally ill or the perpetually sick or even a different skin tone or from the wrong nations or wrong cultures. All of these things defined by the new masters of the world.
The funny apathy of some kids. The concerned and caring mother is pranked by her own children. The children tease their mother for caring.
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