Friday, June 19, 2015

Phony Phriends: Self Lost: (Unedited): 12 June 2015: 19 June 2015:

Phake and phony phriends seem to always be pecking on their phones.
Not really sure as to what to write.
Other than the confusion of what is the difference between what is real and what is digital or not real. I have watched many people come and go on this digital media. I have seen people lie and deceive. I have know many people who have many different accounts with a variety of different identities.
In real life. It can be the same. People use different names from time to time. People pretend to be one person in front of one particular group and then someone else in front of another. It seems like in the modern era. People can have their professional identity, Personal identity, family identity, Church identity, Political identity and secret sin identity. All of which can be digitally accessed and separated from one another with ease.
Self Lost: (Unedited): 19 June 2015:
The self lies and self deceptions in which you create will cause you to lose the truth of self.
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