Friday, June 19, 2015

Divine Connections: (Unedited): 19 June 2015:

Obtaining physical connections to the Divine is not the same as creating within yourself internal spiritual connections with the Divine.
 There is power in those divine and holy things in which we have in our possession/ownership. There is power in those divine and holy places all over the world.
All of these divine and holy things and places should be revered/respected/honored. But, only to a point. The point should be where one or many cross a line and become hateful, angry, chaotic, murderous and destructive. As well as any other describing word which ends in any harm or suffering or even perpetuates all negative thinking and feelings.
In the physical sense they are only important to the physical person. In regards to their physical, emotional and logical aspect of their being.
But more importantly. Those holy things and places are not important at all. Because, they are all only made up of physical properties and that is all they shall ever be. Is there some kind of special or spiritual energy which has been given to these holy relics and places? Absolutely. But, again. They are only made up of those physical things which shall always be physical. Is there some kind of spiritual energy in various forms of rocks and crystals? Yes there is. Are they important?  Yes they are. But, again I must tell you they are all made up of physical properties and shall never become anything more than they are now.
Here is what is truly important. All of the holy things come from very select holy places in which there are no holy borders or holy property lines. national interests or a waters edge does not create a limitation to a holy site. For I tell you the truth. The ancient holy sites of the Hopi, Christian, Islam, Hindu, and every other place all belongs to one single holy place. This entire planet is a holy place and so to this entire solar system and so to this entire galaxy and so on. Because, It was all created by the Holy Hands of The Most Divine Creator. So all that The Creator has made is Holy. Including you. Which brings me to the next and most important of all of these points.
None of those places or things are important at all. You are what is important. Your own self created spiritual connection to the Holy Creator. This begins with with genuine repentance of every sin. Not just asking for forgiveness but declaring that you are sorry for doing such things and then praying for those whom you have harmed. This is followed closely by reverence to those things in which the creator wants each of us to learn and how to live our lives by His Laws. All with our free will and by our free choice. All without fears, intimidation's and/or threat's. Make it your mission to become sinless by your own free choice and then go forth and sin no more.
Through these things that we each genuinely do and practice daily. Shall we each be able to achieve a state of righteousness and holiness as defined and accepted by the Divine Creator.
In this way we all shall become a singular family of human beings who have become holy in the eyes of God.
Love, Peace and Harmony shall all be freely expressed not because they are absolute laws but because it is right and that our creator desires that we all love one another, Live in peace with everyone and exist in harmony with all.
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