Friday, June 19, 2015

Threatened Theologian: (UNedited): 11 June 2015:

Without repentance, reverence and righteousness. The religious shall be threatened with becoming a theologian.
The three keys to being aware of your spiritual connections with the Divine God are as follows. Repentance, Reverence and Righteousness. But these three keys are not the first things you need to begin this logical awareness in your journey. Just as wisdom, knowledge and understanding also require something else but are logically tied to Repentance, Reverence and righteousness in some way.
There is a definite logical and mathematical relationship with the following term groupings. Not in listed order. The four groupings should be correct.
God, Spirit, Word.
Repentance, Reverence, Righteousness.
Love, Peace Harmony and Life.
Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding.

How they relate to one another mathematically. Is beyond me. But, I do know it is so. Almost like one red apple plus one green apple equals one red and one green apples.  Did I even express my fruity example correctly?
There is also and inverse to those above blue words. In which I'm not entirely aware of. But here is a few. The words in red is my best guess.
satan, devil, lucifer.
hate, war/conflict, chaos, death/destruction.
ignorance/stupidity, incompetence, intolerant.
Sometimes the thesaurus is just weird. If your a wordy type. Read this or these. The antonyms. Do the antonyms for each of the blue words as well as the red words.
So I guess you can only be satisfied and happy if your unrepentant.
The word censure sticks out but is unrelated to this topic.

Theological relationships with these.
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