Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Religious Threatened: (Unedited): 11 June 2015:

Without repentance, reverence and righteousness. The religious shall be threatened with becoming a spiritless and heartless theologian.
Any person at any time can study and have full knowledge of any ancient religious holy texts. Their very personal or even professional action does not guarantee that they will ever have profound wisdom and understanding of those dimensionally deep messages within those ancient Holy Texts.
It does not matter how much educational background they have or even how high Their IQ is. They may know a great deal but are absent any solid understanding and wisdom.
Do not be deceived into thinking a person is much more than you will ever be. Especially when they confuse you with their words with other words which are yet still confusing. Yet they smile within that air of religious pride and arrogance.
The evidence of their true spiritual nature and the condition of their heart shall be hidden from you. You can see this in their exclusion and privacy from everyone's prying eyes. Never ever do they realize that Their Homeless Jesus Christ had no privacy. Besides how can a true servant of God have any privacy or exclude themselves from those people whom they are supposed to serve.
Their service from a distance can also easily see their truthful nature. If they seem to be the ones who are always being served. Then they are not from Jesus Christ.
The false prophets shall be fully revealed. While their followers are completely blind to the absence of what they do not teach. The false prophets who are also the greatest religious teachers of this modern time. Shall accept and bring sin into their holy places and everyone will accept it as a new normalcy, as a new right, as a new form of social justice. This abomination of desolation shall precede the coming Disciplines and shall be the cause of the disciplines. Yet, no one shall even be aware and they shall continue to support their false religious leaders and false prophets. For the masses have been deceived with much false prophetic interpretations and false teaching. Have been expressed.
But, only after the fact, shall only the remnant of those false teachers, prophets, theologians, preachers, pastors begin to see with new eyes. The remnant shall repent, revere and become righteous in those last days when the fires shall purify the whole of the world. Those few who have their eyes fully opened shall be saved as the end comes for all living things. Just as the repentant man had been saved.
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