Sunday, June 14, 2015

Professionally Religious: (Unedited): 08 June 2015:

The professionally religious shall suffer many torments when they cannot or will not become spiritually righteous.
I would suppose this would be prophetic/prophecy as in one of the torments would be the taking away of free choice. While still doing that which is completely against The God of all. Think about it. Lets say you absolutely know the difference between right and wrong, Good and evil, God and gods. You may even be an achieved theologian with many accreditation's, awards, accolades and books.  Yet, you can only do as you do even while being in the full knowledge that what you do is an absolute sin. This is beyond caring or even apathy. You are just unable to alter or prevent the sin you are about to commit. This is also far beyond out of control habits or addictions. You remain in the full knowledge of your wrong doing. Where as an addicted person just doesn't care anymore.
You see God isn't going to send you an email or a memo. There won't even be a visitation by a divine angel of judgement. Stating the judgement which has already befallen you. With fiery sword in hand as the angel desires to slay you and save the ass.
The first use of the word ass is related to the donkey. The reference is related to a story in the Bible. Find it yourself. Then ask yourself who is the ass? The third use of the word ass is a derogatory comment. Hint below.
This is only one of the torments to come for the commonly or socially religious and professionally religious. This includes those who are musically religious as well. 
Even in ancient days. The prophets knew how to get around the blessings of God. By causing those who are blessed to curse themselves. Sound familiar to the USA. The USA is really New Jerusalem or New Israel. This is the original name for all of us. This history has all been scrubbed away and destroyed to the common person to find. So we the people have cursed ourselves by allowing sin to come into our country and by all of the legalized sin shall we become destroyed by our own will/choice or suicide by our own free will. Our free will can keep us healthy and inside the blessings of God our Heavenly father. Our free will can purposefully remove ourselves into the realms of spiritual and physical helplessness and self cursing.
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