Saturday, June 13, 2015

Righteous Human Potential: (Unedited): 08 June 2015:

Righteous Thinking,
Righteous Behavior,
Righteous Living,
Must precede achieving your unknown maximum human potential.
What is our maximum human potential? To achieve that next step of physical human evolution? To evolve into something more spiritual, mental and physical? Or is to just become better at what ever it is that we are doing now? Is there a balance? Will forgetting or refusing to believe in a thing keep us from getting to that next level? What does righteousness have to do with anything? Look at all of those intellectually famous people who refuse to believe or accept anything spiritual or non-physical. Look at those super physical athletes who tend to live their personal live however they desire. No matter who they harm. Look at those beautiful people who seem to have the most screwed up lives and yet they become wealthier and more famous.
There is absolutely no righteousness within these people and yet they seem to be better than everyone else. Why is that?
The balance of your own humanity is the key to achieving your unrealized maximum human potential. This balance can only begin when you unlearn the lies and learn the truths. This is all tied to what you believe in and disbelieve in. Are they actual truths or lies believed as truths? Do you know the difference and how can you know the difference?
For instance there is a law of physics that states that two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time. In a sense this is true until you get down to the basic subatomic structures. If two objects collide with enough force, they would become one which would be different then the two original objects. So, is the law wrong or am I wrong. I do not study science nor have I been formerly trained/educated and yet I knew this thing as a teenager. (Not bragging). Especially, the Cern type of machines are discovering this thing today. Right now they want to see those broken up particles but also they will see those particles which collide and become something different even if for a very short period of time.
What does this have to do with anything? truth, belief, acceptance and understanding.
But what are all of the qualities of the human being? The mind has two or more parts? yes and no? really? The intellectual and the emotional part of your brain. There is two parts. Are there any more? I'm still in discovery mode in regards to the human brain so it seems is all of humanity. Which includes those studies of things which began as a incorrect thought or even a known wrong thought in order to sell more medications. Such as bi-polar and ADHD. Are those two things truths or just profit mechanisms taught to the mass population to be truths when they are lies? why did I even select Bi-polar and ADHD? Because, it is important. Because, being bi-polar or ADHD may not be a psychological defect if seen in another light? For instance is it bipolar or a gifted empath who knows not of their gift. Is ADHD really attention deficit or is it an accelerated mind which does not need so much time? How you see and what you believe may not be so true especially, if the physical evidence is lacking or non-existent. What does this have to do with righteousness? Truth is righteousness. Separating yourself from all that are lies and deceptions even if they are believed to be truths. All of it, is that important.
The balance of every aspect of who and what you truly are is of much importance. Especially, if you truly want to get to that next level in life. Which means the whole of who you are must equally grow, develop and evolve at an equal rate. This equal rate is assuming that all parts of you are already balanced equally. With equal levels of growth, development and evolution. Equal is equal. Cannot be any more or any less.
Righteousness is or was taught within the established religions and seems to longer be accepted or even taught. Righteousness is living the right way with wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Righteousness is tied to love, peace, harmony and life. Anything which is contradictory to love, peace, harmony and life is not of righteousness. Righteousness cannot be achieved if you must pretend to be holy and sinless because of fears, intimidation's and threat's. Righteousness is your self choice by your own free will and is based because you inherently see that righteousness is right, just and true.  To see means without actually seeing. You know it to be so.
To begin to walk the path of righteousness. I would suppose the first place to start is within the old established teachings of the religious texts. The text of the laws. The texts of love. The texts of harmony. The texts of life. The texts of peace. It doesn't really matter if the religion of loves hates more than anyone else. It doesn't matter if the religion of peace only knows war and conflict. It doesn't matter if the religion of harmony only knows chaos. It doesn't matter the religion of life only knows death. Their basic teachings are of truth even though the outward physical human expression of them all is very wrong and corrupt. 
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